Emmerdale confirms Jai's discovery as a childhood secret explodes

It was the best of times and it was the worst of times for Jai Sharma (Chris Bisson) in Monday (June 26)’s episode of Emmerdale. In the space of a half hour episode he mixed up a holiday booking, received a marriage proposal and then made a shattering and life-changing discovery.

Jai and Laurel (Charlotte Bellamy) have been getting on really well recently. Since they took Marshall Hamston (Max Fletcher) under their wing after discovering that the young man was being subjected to horrendous homophobic abuse by his father, the family have seemed settled, strong and united.

At the beginning of this episode Jai was trying to book a holiday in Croatia for them all, and found a deal on accommodation big enough for them all. It was a time-limited deal, and as Jai hurried to complete the booking on his phone he made a mistake – and what he booked instead was the honeymoon suite.

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This gave Laurel an idea – why not keep the honeymoon suite and use it for an actual honeymoon? It took her a while to get Jai to understand what she was trying to say because he was battling the hell of being on hold for an hour while he tried to change the booking. Eventually she put it as plainly as she could: ‘Do you wanna marry me?’

He made her ask properly, which she did apart from going down on one knee as her outfit didn’t allow such a manoeuvre. But Jai was delighted to accept. They were soon excitedly discussing wedding plans, and thinking about all of the people they needed to tell and in what order.

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To get the ball rolling Jai had to dig out his the papers confirming his divorce from Megan Macey (Gaynor Faye). The papers were at Rishi (Bhasker Patel)’s house and Jai headed over there, telling his dad about the engagement and swearing him to secrecy when he picked up the kids from school. Rishi apologised that Jai’s old room was in a bit of a mess because he’d put some boxes in there after Tom King (James Chase) moved in.

Jai quickly found the divorce paper he was looking for, but on the way out of the room knocked some other stuff over. And as he looked at the photographs and papers, he spotted something that left him gobsmacked.

When he returned to Laurel the kids were all waiting to congratulate the couple on the engagement – Rishi had spilled the beans to Archie (Kai Assi).

‘Rishi couldn’t keep a secret if you paid him.’ Laurel said. ‘You’d be surprised,’ was Jai’s shocked reply.

Then he showed his fiancée a document that he’d found at Rishi’s. It was an adoption certificate, detailing the day that he legally became the adopted son of Rishi Sharma.

‘My whole life has been a lie, because I’m adopted,’ he said.

Chris Bisson told us that Jai’s initial shocked reaction soon turns into anger.

‘So his dad, and his mum as well, had been keeping this secret for many, many years. And he is just taken aback by it, and doesn’t know how to how to how to compute it. And then he starts to think a bit more about it and gets more and more angry, really, because he’s been deceived.’

He also revealed that there are fireworks to come when Jai confronts Rishi.

‘He has had 47 years to tell him which is what’s annoying Jai. And I think Jai wants to tackle him. But he doesn’t see that it’s going to escalate so quickly and that he hasn’t quite come to terms with it. And this is the first time he talks to his dad about it. And he really can’t control himself. And that is because rather than telling them the truth, Rishi is tricky.’

This is not something that’s going to be resolved quickly, Chris told us, as Jai tries to get to the bottom of why the secret was kept, and find out the truth about his early life.

‘It’s a good story. It’s one that runs and becomes more interesting and develops throughout the rest of the year. So there’s there’s lots more Sharma drama!’

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