Out In Hollywood Releases 2023 Out Loud List With Best Unproduced TV Pilot Scripts By Queer Writers

EXCLUSIVE: Queer advocacy group Out in Hollywood released its third annual list of the best unproduced queer-focused television pilot scripts of the past year.

The scripts that made it to the list underwent a blind evaluation process overseen by Out in Hollywood’s Board of Directors featuring an all-queer-identifying panel of judges conformed of proudly Out producers, studio and network executives.

“In 2023, our mission feels more urgent than ever. From the political attacks on queer identity and expression happening around the country to the WGA’s fight for–amongst other things–opportunity, equity and creative agency, creating space and a platform for queer writers remains a necessary act of both protest and joy,” Board member Maija Gustin said of this year’s list.

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Out In Hollywood Releases 2022 Out Loud List Of Best Unproduced Pilot Scripts By Queer Writers

Scripts are evaluated based on criteria including the strength of the writer’s voice, viability of the project to be sold in today’s marketplace, conceptual freshness, and a modified version of GLAAD’s Vito-Russo Test (similar to the Bechdel Test).

“Celebrating these talented people is just a small step toward ensuring underrepresented voices aren’t left behind within a changing industry. We stand by each of these scripts and fully believe every one of these writers have far more to share if only given the chance,” founder of the organization Logan Kriete added.

Prior honorees have had their featured scripts sold into active development and even staffed on series at major streaming platforms and premium cable channels.

Check out the Out in Hollywood’s 2023 Out Loud List below with a brief synopsis of each script and contact information for its writer.


Michelle Badillo (she/her)

Forced to move back in with her dad after a failed relationship, Nicki Rivera finds that the only way she can really grow is by dealing with her family business: both figuratively and literally.

Contact: Anna Flickinger (UTA)


Tim Kirkman (he/him)

Blood is thicker than politics and religion in a small North Carolina town when personal crises throw a brother and sister together, not understanding that each has more to offer the other than they thought.

Contact: Robin Budd (Viewfinder)


Joey Capuana (he/they)

A deceptive and tenacious drag queen and his coven of novice witches must unravel a twisted supernatural mystery, becoming unlikely heroes in a centuries-old struggle with Satanic forces.

Contact: Alison Mann (Fourth Wall Management)


Monet Clements (she/her) & Josh Granovsky (he/him)

A 10-year-old genius who secretly runs the world’s largest environmental non-profit must use all her high-tech resources to win over her true love.

Open to representation


Tyler Dwiggins (he/him) & Misha Osherovich (they/she)

Queer college best friends Althea & Josh turn to the underground world of “sugar baby” relationships to make fast cash. But when Althea starts an anonymous blog chronicling the duo’s sugar adventures, she must navigate running an unconventional business with her bestie… AND viral internet fame.

Contact: Misha — Maude Reilly (APA); Tyler — Open to representation


Amanda Caitlyn Eberhardt (they/them)

In an age of extreme decadence and political unrest, a rebellious teen empress sets her sights on one of Rome’s holiest—and most untouchable—of women, setting off a chain of events that threatens to tear down the most powerful empire in the world (if her own family doesn’t destroy her first). Based on the incredible true story of Rome’s first and only trans-female ruler, Elagabalus.

Open to representation


Dan Kitrosser (he/him) & Jeremiah Zagar (he/him)

A queer teen sci-fi romance set in the South Bronx, centered on Aaron Soto, a Puerto Rican teen on a quest for happiness who wears his vulnerability on his chest. After his girlfriend leaves for a summer arts camp, we’ll watch as Aaron and his new friend Thomas plummet into a secretive summer of star-crossed love.

Contact: Dan — Austin Denesuk (CAA); Jeremiah — Dani Potter (WME)


Rom Lotan (he/him)

An undercover Israeli case officer extorts gay Palestinian informants for crucial intel in the West Bank. When he falls in love with his most dangerous asset, the enemies-turned-lovers must work together as their countries and allegiances turn on them.

Contact: Trent Anderson (Anonymous Content)


Neil McNeil (he/they)

Following a group of East LA 20-somethings attempting to reinvigorate queer nightlife post-pandemic. As each member of the group begins to fall on hard times, they collectively come up with the only logical solution: performing a ritual sacrifice of their one cis-straight friend… which goes horribly awry.

Open to representation


Jamie Savarese (she/her)

Welcome to the wild world of sorority hazing: when a starry-eyed freshman lusts after a senior during rush, she begins a journey of power plays. But will joining the most elite house on campus be worth it

Contact: Allie Cohen (CAA)

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