Emmerdale fans convinced Luke Posner and Ethan Anderson will have a steamy affair

EMMERDALE fans are convinced Luke Posner is going to have a steamy affair with Ethan Anderson after he outed his secret.

The chef – who is played by actor Max Parker in the ITV soap – was the ex-boyfriend of Ethan’s former housemate but has been lying claiming it was just a one night stand.

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Tonight after a run in with Luke, Ethan accidentally let slip the truth to his mum Wendy.

Wendy apologised to Ethan, telling him Luke probably still felt weird given what happened with the housemate.

“I’m sorry Luke still feels like that, I thought everything was OK now,” said Ethan.

“No it is, it is,” replied Wendy.

“Look, we’ve all had one night stands we regret.”

But then Ethan dropped Luke in it, telling Wendy: “Well if he regretted it so much then he shouldn’t have kept going back for more.”

Wendy clearly clocked what Ethan had said and later sat down with her son to get the truth out of him.

I had an interesting conversation with Ethan before. He said something a bit surprising. 

“He seems to think your thing with his housemate that it was more than that – quite a bit more. Why would he think that? 

“Luke, if there was something more you know you could tell me. I don’t care if there is.”

Luke was furious and told his mum to drop it, insisting Ethan was wrong.

But after his reaction fans think Luke will end up sleeping with Ethan behind Victoria’s back.

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One wrote: "Ethan obviously has a massive crush on Luke."

A second said: "Ethan thinks that Luke is gay I think he could be right."

Another added: "t's obvious Ethan is interested in Luke."

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