Love Is Blind cast – who are the contestants on the Netflix show?

LOVE IS BLIND was the bizarre Netflix reality show that hid the contestants away from each other whilst they were dating, relying on their personalities to make them fall in love.

Here we take a look at the contestants that took part and the couples that still remain together….

Who are the contestants and couples?

Hosted by Nick Lachey and his wife Vanessa, the reality show followed 30 men and women looking for love with speed-dating style.

The concept kept the couples separate until a proposal happened.

Netflix described the show for: "Singles who want to be loved for who they are, rather than what they look like"

So who are the contestants that signed up to this bizarre reality dating show?

Cameron Hamilton

Cameron Hamilton is a 29 year old tech consultant who is based in Atlanta.

He is a sensitive guy who previously had a long-term relationship lasting for over 5 years.

He successfully pairs up with Lauren in the series and the two lovebirds ended up exchanging marriage vows.

You can follow Cameron on his Instagram handle where you'll see plenty of pics of him working out with weights.

Amber Pike

Amber Pike is 27 years old and hails from Augusta, Georgia.

She served at the Georgia Army National Guard and is an ex-military tank expert.

Alongside her military background, she is also a cocktail waitress.

She got married to Mike Barnett and so far it seems the couple are still very much together.

You can follow her on Instagram here

Carlton Morton

Carlton Morton is 34 years old and was born in Louisiana.

He has previously graced our screen on season 5 of Real Housewives Of Atlanta.

Carlton works as a social media and marketing manager in Atlanta.

He revealed his bisexuality on the show which caused a rift between him and his partner Diamond.

You can follow him on his Instagram handle here.

Mark Cuevas

Mark is 25 years old and comes from Chicago.

He is a fitness instructor and you can look through his impressive ab photos on his Instagram account

Being one of the youngest contestants on this show he's was hoping to find true love with his partner Jessica but she changed her mind at the alter and refused to marry him.

Jessica Batten

Jessica batten is a 34 year old Regional manager from Illinois who now lives in Atlanta.

She has said she ends up sticking relationships out even if that person isn't the one.

Her Instagram account reveals she's a Chicago Bears football fan.

Payton her doggy look like it's her one true love after dumping Mark at the alter and if you follow her account there's plenty of pics of her with her cute pooch.

Kenny Barnes

Kenny Barnes is a 27 year old lighting consultant and Christian from the USA.

He is a complete fitness freak who likes boxing and adventure games.

You can follow him on Instagram here  (and sneak a peek of his arm tattoo of Christ).

He's a dog lover and has a pet corgi dog called Penni who is the perfect replacement after getting dumped by Kelly.

Matt Barnett

Matt Barnett age 27 is from Georgia, Atlanta.

He's a huge fan of the college football team, Alabama Crimson Tide and the singer Taylor Swift.

He has a beloved dog named Koda and now a beloved wife, Amber Pike too.

You can follow him on Instagram here where you'll discover for yourself his love of rather interesting hats.

Danielle Druin

Danielle Druin, 29, is from Georgia Atlanta.

She is a part time model and yoga instructor.

Her hope was to connect with someone on the same level as a yogi.

You can follow her on Instagram here. 

Mikey Cobb

Mikey Cobb, 31 is a Business Analyst

He likes to keep his personal life private and doesn't even have an Instagram account.

Valuing personality over looks, the show was the perfect chance to find someone who thought the same about relationships.

Andy Rickert

Andy Rickert is a 30 year old Welder.

He is clearly an adventurer lover who goes on hikes and tours exploring new places.

A fan of the gym he regularly works out and is also a part time personal trainer.

You can follow him on Instagram here 

Damian Powers

Damian Powers is 28 years old and a general manager at an industrial supply company.

He likes to travel and can be seen in various exciting locations on his Instagram page.

Damian and Giannina proposed to each other in the show but soon their relationship crumbled, they are no longer together.

He supports the non-profit organisation, Brawl for a Cause. 

Jon Smith

Jon Smith, at 38 years old, was one of the older contestants.

He is a CEO of Storm Restoration Service.

Originally from Alaska he has struggled with life-long social anxiety.

There is no Instagram or Twitter handle for this contestant so far.

Briana Holmes

Briana Holmes is 26 years old and lives in Atlanta.

She has both a psychology degree and a counselling degree.

She is founder of Millennials of Atlanta  and her own consulting company

Her Instagram handle is here if you fancy learning more about this entrepreneur.

India Bridgeforth

29 year old India Bridgeforth has a seven year old son.

She admits she doesn't use dating apps.

You can follow here on Twitter here or by joining her Instagram account.

Kenneth Smith

Kenneth Smith is a 36 year old professional Barber.

He doesn't do online dating and was waiting for the women of his dreams.

You can join his followers on his Instagram account here.

Diamond Jack

Diamond Jack is 28 years old.

She is an NBA dancer, has a doctorate in medicine and has her own online business too.

Carlton and Diamond broke up when he revealed he was bisexual.

You can follow her on Instagram here. 

Matt Thomas

Matt Thomas is the 38 year old director of charity boxing company, Brawl for a Cause.

He is a sports coach of high combat sports and hybrid training.

You can add to his impressive 61k Instagram followers here.

His account also details his love for yoga and his fun travel adventures.

Taylor Lupton

Taylor Lupton is a 31 year old part-time amateur photographer.

He also runs his own production company and professes he has no time to date.

Here is his Instagram handle.

Rory Newbrough

Rory 28, is a professional Live Streamer.

He is also a Game Development Consultant.

You can follow him on his Instagram link here where he posts lots of brooding photos of himself.

Giannina Gibelli

Giannina Gibelli is a 25 year old from Atlanta.

She owns her own retail shop and graduated from PR and advertising at The University of Central Florida.

She is super-outgoing and loves to travel.

Unfortunately, her split from Damian meant she ended up having a tough 2019.

You can follow her on Instagram here. 

Ryan Martin

The 29 year is a bio-student at University of North Georgia.

He has been single for a year after his fiancee cheated on him.

His social media shows he's a fan of outdoor sports and you are welcome to follow him on Instagram here.

Lauren Speed

Lauren is a 32 year old content creator from Atlanta, Georgia.

She is the founder of The Speed Brand, a multi-media creative company.

In her Instagram account bio she describes herself as a Producer, Director and Model- you can follow her on it here.

Her and Cameron were the first couple to become engaged and they got married soon after.

Ebony Alexis

Ebony Alexis is a 30 year old media journalist.

She is the founder of Black Girl Magic Monthly a platform to celebrate black, female entrepreneurs.

Her Instagram Bio also links to her beauty and make-up company.

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Kelly Chase

Kelly is 33 years old and lives in Atlanta, Georgia.

She is a health and empowerment coach offering food and exercise plans.

Her business ChaseLife has been running since 2013 after she finished studying as a Health coach with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition.

Her and Kenny were singled out to stay together but she decided not to marry him after feeling no physical attraction.

Kelly's Instagram handle is here if you fancy giving her a follow.

Westley Baer

Westley Baer is a 29 year old life coach from Atlanta.

Apparently he really wants nothing more than to get married and have kids.

He certainly looks like he keeps himself in good shape regularly posting pics of him working out at the gym.

You can add to his impressive 50k Instagram followers here.

Lexie Skipper

Lexie Skipper is a 26 year old Sales Manager and personal stylist.

Her parents have been married for 30 years so she's setting the benchmark high.

She's a fan of eating out regularly and catching up with her friends.

You can follow her Instagram handle here.

Alyson Costa

Alyson Costa is a 36 year old pediatric nurse.

She was raised in sunny Florida but currently resides in Atlanta.

An animal lover- she has a pet pooch named Ruby who she happily calls, "her partner in everything".

You can follow her Instagram account here.

Kay Mitchell

Kay Mitchell is a bubbly 30 year old looking for love.

She was in the navy for 8 years specialising in weapons and is also into volunteering.

She describes herself as a fitness enthusiast and can be found on Instagram here.

Lauren Chamblin

Lauren Chamblin is the 26 year old originally from Tampa, Florida but now living in Atlanta.

She studied a BA in Theatre Studies and then worked in marketing and recruitment.

You can follow her Instagram handle here. 

Lillie Mae Williams

She was the 36 year old Southern Belle of the cast.

Lillie is the creator and CEO of a PR agency.

Her Instagram account is full of inspirational quotes.


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