Emmerdale fans devastated as they work out ITV soap character ‘won’t return’
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    Emmerdale fans have been left gutted after coming to the realisation that Robert Sugden "isn't coming back".

    Many viewers of the ITV soap assumed the fan favourite could be making a return after Aaron Dingle (Danny Miller) turned up to the village a few weeks ago. Some even suspected that Robert was already back in the village and hiding out in Mill Cottage.

    However, the fan theory seems unlieky, with some taking Robert's absense to mean that he wont' be back anytime soon. Taking to Reddit, one fan penned: Robert Sugden isn't coming back" with a series of crying face emojis. The fan continued, “I hate Emmerdale for doing this to me. I will never watch Emmerdale again."

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    Another fan replied: "Why did you expect him to come back? He was sentenced to years in prison. He wasn’t coming back any time soon." A third person said: "If Robert did come back would they revisit Robron or would they move on from that? I mean who knows Robert himself could of found someone else. I think only chance Robert coming back is a recast or maybe get one of the previous actors too return which I think all are slim chance of."

    However, some feel like there is still room for Robert to return. "Aaron moves on and then bam. Robert comes back. Happens all the time in soaps,” another fan said, responding to speculation that a new love interest might be on the horizon for Aaron. Robert appeared on Emmerdale between 1986 and 2009. The son of Jack Sugden and brother of Andy and Victoria, he was a long-standing village resident until his exit from the soap.

    Robert became involved with Aaron after meeting and growing emotionally and physically close. They married unofficially in 2017, but split after Robert’s affair while Aaron was serving time in prison. They briefly reunited in 2018, tying the knot in an official ceremony. However, their wedded bliss was short-lived, with Robert being sentenced to life in prison as of 2019, after killing the man who raped his sister. The door remains open for Robert’s return, but fans shouldn’t expect that to be anytime soon.

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    Speaking recently to Inside Soap, Emmerdale produer Laura Shaw hinted that a return for Robert isn't entirely in her hands as Ryan Hawley, who played him, left the show of his own accord in 2019. She commented: "I love Robron – so I would reunite them if I could but as far as romance for Aaron goes, losing Liv has taught him that, if you don't love someone, you can't get hurt, so that's what's in his head when he comes back.

    "Obviously we all love Aaron in a relationship, so some time in the future, I'm sure we'll go there. However, at the moment what we'll see is that Aaron doesn't want to get hurt again. He can't cope with the hurt he felt from Liv dying, so he's just pushing people away. It's going to take some time for him to get over that."

    Emmerdale airs weeknights on ITV and ITVx at 7.30pm

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