Emmerdale fans gobsmacked as Mandy pulls out ‘sex toy’ amid musical proposal

Emmerdale delivered a truly one of a kind episode on Monday as comedy great Mandy Dingle (played by Lisa Riley) pulled out all the stops to propose to her now-fiance Paul Ashdale (Reece Dinsdale) with a Grease musical extravaganza in the Woolpack pub.

But ITV viewers nearly lost it when she topped off the performance by pulling out what viewers thought was a “c*** ring” and getting down on one knee to ask Paul to marry her.

Completely bemused, Paul still managed to say yes, and a thrilled Mandy cheered on with her friends Bob and Lydia.

Viewers flocked to Twitter to discuss the bizarre scene.

“Did Mandy Dingle just pull out a c*** ring and propose with it?” one stunned fan asked.

Another declared: “That's television at it's best. Nobody but Mandy Dingle could pull that off.”

“Ok, so I’ve not watched Emmerdale for a very long time but lockdown has me crazy, did I just see Lisa Riley propose to some bloke with a c*** ring?” a third dismayed viewer asked. “Either I’m way off the mark or ITV prime time has got saucy.”

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“I can't un-see that scene from Grease. Thanks for that… not!” a fourth cried.

While a fifth didn’t believe their own eyes, simply commenting: “What even was that?”

Fans continued to talk about the hilarious scenes, with one sharing: “Oh crikey, I thought that proposal scene was brilliant.”

“Bob, Lydia and Mandy fantastic stuff that was just what we needed to cheer us all up!” another added.

The scene was a welcome relief as minutes later Paul violently beat his son Vinny (Bradley Johnson) to a pulp in the village outside, leaving the youngster bleeding and terrified.

The episode’s ending was part of a difficult storyline in the ITV soap that has had viewers struggling to watch in recent weeks.

While Mandy still has her rose tinted glasses on when it comes to her hubby’s true dark nature, a brave Vinny is determined to get his dad to tell her the truth.

But after Paul’s unforgivable behaviour in tonight’s episode, will Vinny decide to go around his back and report him to the police instead?

Emmerdale continues tomorrow at 7pm on ITV.

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