As if it’s not enough that Al (Michael Wildman) is humiliating Kerry (Laura Norton), she goes and embarrasses herself big time in more ways than one when she attempts to make Al her permanent partner in Emmerdale.

Al and Chas (Lucy Pargeter) have been playing a dangerous game with their affair, suffering some close calls through callousness. But somehow, Kerry has remained none-the-wiser despite almost rumbling them, like nearly walking in on them in a hotel.

But Al has now decided enough is enough, it’s Chas he wants and he’s so serious about it that he makes a shock move by pleading with her to run away with him for a new life. In fact, he’s so hellbent on getting his woman that he starts sorting out his finances to buy them a house together.

He gets carried away and even starts online shopping for their new love nest, but he’s caught in the act by Kerry. Luckily, or perhaps unluckily, for him, she immediately assumes he’s after buying a house for them. She becomes giddy at the thought that he’s solidifying their future. So she comes up with a plan of her own. Watch out Eminem.

Al’s jaw hits the floor when Kerry drops a proposal on him – in the form of a rap. Al might wish he would just die of cringe right there on the pub floor, but as he continues to live and breathe, he accepts the offer of marriage, probably just to make the rap stop.

Kerry has no idea that just prior to this, Al is assuring Chas that he’ll be ending things with Kezza very soon. He even puts the wheels in motion by heading to the pub to do the deed, but that’s exactly when he’s blindsided by the bonkers proposal.

Unsurprisingly, Chas is shattered by this sudden turn of events and Al gets her on her own so that he can reassure her this engagement is a farce. In a moment of weakness, they give in and have a passionate snog, but who is secretly watching them?

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