MAFS UK’s Paul C Brunson forced to intervene as chaos erupts at commitment ceremony

It’s been a dramatic few days on Married at First Sight UK this week, with couples tested to their limits by everything from arguments to infidelity – but things took a surprising turn on Wednesday as tensions boiled over forcing Paul C Brunson to intervene.

As the couples sad down to affirm their commitment to pursuing their relationships in the penultimate commitment ceremony, one explosive exchange saw tempers fray at the edges, as George and April were discussing staying together which led things to get heated.

During the course of their discussion, George and April singled out Thomas specifically and accused him of attacking April and calling her "fake".

Adrian and Thomas swiftly weighed in on the situation, but things ended in disaster as Adrian was left struggling to get his voice heard, while Thomas couldn't handle the sudden confrontation and walked out of the room.

Clearly upset with the group, MAFS expert Paul Brunson quickly stepped in to diffuse the situation as he said: "‘Hey guys, you can continue to do this, but you are going to respect the forum and on top of it, if you don’t want to, you can leave.

"Just like Thomas did.”

Fans at home were quick to respond to the exchange, with many praising Paul for stepping in to de-escalate the tense situation.

“Anyone else really like stern Paul?” asked one viewer online.

A second fan also agreed, as they cheekily likened the relationship guru to a “strict dad” as they wrote: “Paul is giving Strict Dad realness!!”

A third also agreed as they quipped: "Tell them Paul! U don’t wanna p**s Mr Brunson off!”

Not everyone was so keen with peacemaker Paul’s attempts to calm things down, with one fan even calling out the expert for cutting off Adrian and not allowing him to express his views.

They wrote: “Errrr Paul you idiot! Why did you stop Adrian! I wanna hear what he has to say!”

Elsewhere in the episode, the couples continued to bare their heart and soul to each other as they opened up about how they felt their relationships were progressing.

While many of the couples confirmed they wanted to continue with the experiment and remain together, two couples decided that they would part ways after reaching the end of the road in their marriages.

Whitney and Duka and Gemma and Matt decided to part ways after tense scenes which aired earlier in the week and saw Whitney and Matt ditch their partners to pursue a romance together within the constraints of the experiment.

During another tense exchange at the commitment ceremony, Matt explained his actions to his fellow contestants as he said: “I felt the relationship was at a point of no return”

Whitney also weighed in, as she justified her decision to pursue Gemma’s husband by saying: “I just want to be happy, and that guy over there makes me happy.”

As both the contestants and experts looked on in horror, it was reiterated by many of the people present that it was “disrespectful” to have pursued the romance while on the show – when they could very easily have waited until they left.

Married At First Sight UK continues at 9pm on E4.


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