Exclusive ‘Star Wars’ Series & Live Action Marvel Series To Entice Viewers To Disney Streaming Platform

Unofficially called ‘Disneyflix,’ by online users, Disney’s streaming platform has quite a list of exclusive content that will be available for its launch.

It will almost certainly not be called “Disneyflix,” but the as-yet-untitled streaming service set to launch in fall of 2019 is already generating significant buzz among movie and television fans.

Due to having significantly less content than its competitors, Disney’s streaming service will have a lower price tag than platforms like Netflix or Amazon Prime. One notable absence, at least for the launch of the platform, will be the Star Wars movies. Both the original trilogy as well as its three prequels will not be present. Rights are currently retained by Turner Broadcasting.

Also, according to ScreenRant, the platform will not host any R-rated movies, which will instead be hosted on Hulu. Currently Disney owns a large stake in the Hulu streaming platform.

Upcoming Disney movies will no longer appear on Netflix and instead will go to Disney’s streaming service, a simultaneous major loss for Netflix and huge advantage for Disney. A new adaptation of The Lion King currently in production will reportedly be exclusive to Disney. Also, a new Lady and the Tramp being developed by Disney joins Frozen 2 as other highly-anticipated upcoming Disney titles, exclusive to their streaming platform.

Other movies exclusive to the service include Honey, I Shrunk The Kids, Father Of The Bride, Three Men And A Baby, The Sword and the Stone, and The Parent Trap.

Most notable, though, among the list of exclusive titles to Disney’s streaming platform, was an untitled Star Wars series, alongside an equally enticing untitled live-action series set in the Marvel universe.

Both the Star Wars franchise and Marvel movies are extremely profitable properties for the Disney company, and yield major box office numbers. A television series for either one could potentially pave the way to a promising future for any streaming service; having the ability to produce a series for both puts Disney at a serious advantage over their streaming competition.

Also announced as exclusive television content for Disney is a series based on High Fidelity (based on the 2000 film and novel by Nick Hornby), a series for High School Musical, which is currently untitled, a television show based on The Mighty Ducks, a Monsters Inc series, and a new television incarnation of The Muppets.

While the service has yet to launch, it is already highly anticipated and pulling in heavy-hitting names for its upcoming library of exclusive content. As for whether or not Disney will be able to compete with Netflix or Amazon for the streaming movie and television market, that remains to be seen, but the movie giant is clearly off to a solid start for achieving success on this ambitious venture.

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