Finding Derek viewers in tears as Kate Garraway describes Derek’s breakthrough

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Kate Garraway left fans in tears as she described the first time Derek had shown emotion since he fell ill last March.

Witnessing the breakthrough, the Good Morning Britain star could be heard spurring on her husband, saying "I'm so proud of you darling," as she became overwhelmed with emotion herself.

Viewers found it tough to watch Derek making the progress, which meant so much to Kate and her family.

Taking to Twitter, one upset viewer wrote: "Massive respect to #KateGarraway and family for sharing #FindingDerek I’m crying for all affected – bringing back some difficult moments."

"Only a few minutes in and I’m crying for Kate Garraway – keeping all the copies of FT so Derek can catch up on them when he’s home," penned a second.

And a third added: "Am SOBBING at the Kate Garraway documentary."

"Watching #FindingDerek and I just can’t stop crying.," a fourth wrote, similarly moved to tears.

The former labour politician was struck down with the deadly virus last year and has remained in hospital ever since.

Although Kate's husband is free from Covid-19, some of his vital organs have sustained traumatic and untold damage as a result.

For the TV star and her family, Derek is still a long way away from heading back to normality.

Speaking on GMB last week Kate provided insight of how her two children, Billy and Darcy had been coping without their dad being at home.

Kate said: "I think they have coped tremendously well.

"The simple act of talking on FaceTime to a dad who is very changed – it is a huge one. They cope with it in their different ways.

"They are amazing. They have both seen the documentary as I wanted to make sure they are comfortable with it."

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