Furious Gordon Ramsay slams Gino D’Acampo as ‘lazy’ in rant – after he was busted with drugs on private jet | The Sun

GORDON Ramsay has taken a swipe at co-stars Gino D'Acampo and Fred Sirieix calling them "lazy".

It comes as Gino recently announced he had quit their TV show, and The Sun revealed how the Italian chef was caught with cannabis as he left Gordon's private jet – and was later cautioned.

Gordon hit out at his TV show co-stars in a newly released interview recorded prior to Gino's drugs bust.

The celeb chef said: "They are great, they are wonderful, fantastic, incredible pain in the ar**s. They're so f***ing lazy, they make me look good.

"An hour in Gino wants an espresso, or he wants his eyebrows plucked, ninety minutes in, Fred's missing his croissant and his eyeliner. 

"So we do get on, but three or four days in it's like 'move over, I want more room in the bed', or 'can we have a break?'. They don't work hard."


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He further tore strips off Gino on Spencer Matthews' podcast Big Fish – revealing he discovered the Italian uses four levels of "platforms" hidden in his shoes to make himself look taller.

Sharing Gino's secrets, Gordon added: "His pizzas are s**t anyway and he knows that.

"He knows that my pizzas are better than his pizzas. My dough is fresh, it's proven. He knows when he bites into my pizza that it's better than his.

"He'll never admit it, but any guy that wears f***ing platforms in his shoes, and every year he gets taller, is never, ever going to decide that his pizzas are better than mine.

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"I was in Spain recently with him and Fred and I said 'Jesus, look'. And we did a selfie and he's like taller than Fred.

"Like dude, you're 5ft 4. So I went back to the caravan, the RV, and got his shoes out and tipped them out.

"Four platforms in his shoes. Four!. It's like a pair of stilletos inside his Gucci loafers. I mean seriously, what a knob."

The Sun revealed Gino given a warning after he landed with TV pals Gordon and Fred at Farnborough Airport, Hampshire.

They had been in Spain filming Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip.

A source told The Sun: “Fred and Gordon were pretty cross.”

Gino was stopped, cautioned and fined for possession of a prohibitive substance, namely cannabis, but was not arrested.

The Italian Chef announced on Instagram earlier this month that he had decided to quit Gordon, Gino and Fred: Road Trip.

Gino said it was impossible to continue after three series due to a row over contracts and schedules.

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