'General Hospital' Spoilers For Tuesday, September 4: Ryan Escapes Ferncliff And Leaves Kevin In His Place

Ryan gets his wish during Tuesday’s ‘General Hospital’ as he overcomes Kevin and escapes from Ferncliff

ABC teases General Hospital spoilers indicating that Tuesday’s episode will be a doozy. The network aired encore episodes for the past four weekdays and fans have been up in arms over the short hiatus. The action kicks back into gear again with the September 4 show and it looks like the Kevin and Ryan storyline will be prominently featured.

A large number of fans figured out quite a while ago that the mystery patient at Ferncliff would tie to Kevin and his supposedly dead and evil twin Ryan. What wasn’t certain until last week, however, was whether it was Kevin or Ryan who was playing the patient. Now it’s been revealed that Kevin has been on the outside while secretly keeping his brother locked up in Ferncliff. However, Ryan managed to get out of his straitjacket and that’s where the action picks up on Tuesday’s show.

A sneak peek from ABC shows that Ryan will knock Kevin unconscious and chuckle as he talks about how his brother let him do this to him again. Ryan will add that Kevin’s problem has always been that he’s too trusting and he’ll add that it’s almost over.

TV Source Magazine explains that Ryan will exchange places with Kevin, leaving the doctor behind and heads out of Ferncliff. The evil twin has revenge and unfinished business on his mind and he’s been waiting for years for the chance to wrap up what he had started. Obviously, Felicia is going to be in grave danger as this madman is on the loose, and General Hospital spoilers have hinted Laura will be central to this storyline when actress Genie Francis returns soon.

Everybody else in Port Charles who dealt with the Ryan-related drama years ago thinks that he’s dead, so nobody will necessarily realize that anything is wrong with Kevin for now. The staff at Ferncliff obviously knows something, but Kevin probably won’t have much luck convincing anybody of the switch considering how hard Ryan had already been playing that angle.

Interestingly, General Hospital spoilers for the week don’t reveal anything else that is specific to this Ryan and Kevin storyline. Tuesday’s show will bring more with Oscar’s mystery illness, as the Inquisitr has noted, and Lucas and Brad will have reason to celebrate when they learn that Wiley’s birth mom won’t disrupt the adoption. Alexis will be furious during this show, while Julian reaches out to Drew for some support, likely in regards to Oscar and Kim.

Actor Jon Lindstrom teased via Twitter that he knew he’d have fun with this story, but that it’s even better than he expected and it looks like this one will take some time to play out. Stay tuned for additional General Hospital spoilers for this storyline as they emerge and hold on tight for a wild ride ahead.

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