Robert reaches out to Jason to help him find Anna and Finn, and ‘General Hospital’ spoilers suggest this storyline will take some intriguing turns.

Robert is anxious to find Anna and Finn, especially in the wake of Finn’s tracker going offline. The latest General Hospital spoilers reveal he’ll turn to an interesting resource for help, and this should be interesting to watch. Generally, Robert and Jason aren’t the best of buddies or on the same side of the law. However, in this case, it appears that Robert won’t be able to think of anybody who could be a better sidekick for breaking down the mystery of this kidnapping.

A new sneak peek shared by ABC reveals that Robert will head to where Finn’s tracker last pinpointed his presence. Robert will look around and admit there’s no knowing for certain whether Finn and Anna were even there, and that’s when he’ll turn and thank Jason for showing up to be his backup. Jason will say he’ll do whatever he can to help Anna, and he’ll admit it’s not every day law enforcement asks for his help.

General Hospital spoilers reveal that Robert will be rattled when he finds Finn’s tracker on the floor. He’ll wonder how the kidnappers found it, and the two will talk about utilizing Spinelli to access security video of the area. During their discussion, Jason will toss out an intriguing theory that it seems Robert hadn’t considered, and this could change their search significantly.

Viewers have already been buzzing over the idea that the kidnappers were actually after Finn, not Anna. This syncs with Jason’s suggestion and General Hospital spoilers suggest that this will be the line of thinking the men begin to pursue. Of course, some fans would be anxious to point out that the kidnappers had Anna for a month before Finn even realized she was missing, but it looks like the writers want to ignore that curious tidbit.

The sneak peek for Monday’s episode shared via Twitter shows that Anna will feel distressed over how Finn is risking his life over all of this. It isn’t known yet who the mystery patient is that Finn is supposed to help, but viewers have to wonder if this will ultimately be connected to Peter’s recent revelation about there being patients before Jason.

Monday’s episode will have action related to Kiki and Griffin’s secret being exposed, as well as drama for Elizabeth, Cameron, and Josslyn after he was nabbed for shoplifting. General Hospital spoilers hint that things will get intense this week as this Finn and Anna storyline moves forward, and fans are anxious to see where the writers are headed with this one.

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