'General Hospital' Two Week Spoilers: Sam Leaves Town, Josslyn Forms A Plan, & Alexis Spends Time With Julian

General Hospital spoilers for the next two weeks, October 8-26, tease that there’s plenty of buzzworthy action on the way. Multiple storylines have been heating up over the past few weeks and it looks like there are juicy twists and turns on the way that fans will not want to miss.

SheKnows Soaps details that Drew will carefully consider his options when it comes to the proposition Margaux presented. General Hospital spoilers tease that he’ll lean on several people, including Sonny, Sam, and Elizabeth, as he tries to decide what to do. Apparently, he’ll make his decision during the October 19 show.

Oscar is going to great lengths to push Josslyn away due to his illness, but she’s not giving up on him. She’s said to formulate a plan of some sort, surely something to win Oscar back, and General Hospital spoilers detail that Cameron will continue to struggle regarding how to handle all of this.

Viewers can look forward to Spencer’s return within these next two weeks, General Hospital spoilers detail, and Nelle’s return shakes up Brad, Michael, and others during her very brief return that seemingly ends with the October 15 show. For some reason, Sam will be heading out of town, and that reportedly happens on the 26th.

Kiki and Griffin will be sharing some intimate moments in the episodes ahead, and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Ava will continue to spiral out of control. Kristina to continues to feel lost in her life, and it looks like Alexis, Jason, and Sam will all be trying to help her in various ways.

Alexis and Julian will spend some time together, according to Soap Hub, and Julian will try to help Kim. General Hospital spoilers also indicate that there may be some scenes between Sonny and Julian coming up soon too. Viewers will be seeing more of Jordan and Curtis together in these coming weeks, and there’s good stuff with Finn ahead too.

Lulu will continue to struggle with Dante’s out-of-town undercover work, indicates Soap Central. Maxie is going to have some scenes in the coming week, as she’ll seemingly do her best to support her friend and she’ll be playing along in some scenario. It also seems that Peter will be feeling upbeat about something happening in his world.

Additional General Hospital spoilers regarding the next two weeks will emerge in the coming days and viewers know they’ll see more on the Nina/Sasha and Laura/Ryan storylines too. All signs point toward great stuff on the horizon and viewers are anxious to see where this all heads.

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