Gina's secret boyfriend 'revealed' as sick villain from the past in EastEnders

The following article contains spoilers for Tuesday’s (September 26) EastEnders, which you can catch up on now on BBC iPlayer.

Gina Knight (Francesca Henry) has been left in a bit of a state after finding the guy she was seeing in Marbella with another girl.

It was during a heart to heart with mum Cindy Beale (Michelle Collins) about how she thought he’d have had the decency to tell her he was seeing someone else that Cindy expressed her desires to head over to Marbella and sort him out herself.

In recent months, theories have been flying around the internet about who the dead body on the floor may be this Christmas.

Viewers will know that a flash forward episode in February teased a huge murder, with six killers in the frame.

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When Gina mentioned her mysetry man in tonight’s epiosde, we were instantly reminded of a theory that had been floating round not so long ago, which involved Gina having a mystery boyfriend.

The fan who came up with the theory suggested that evil Dean Wicks may be set to return, and would end up being brought in as Gina’s mystery boyfriend.

Dean raped Linda Carter (Kellie Bright) back in 2014, and was chased out of the Square in 2016 by dad Buster after being found not guilty of the attempted rape of Roxy Mitchell.

He appeared in the back of a photograph sent to Linda during the flash forward episode, which left viewers wondering if this was foreshadowing a return.

Now, with Gina mentioning a mystery man who let her down in Marbella, we can’t help but wonder if this may be Dean.

Gina has an ex boyfriend in spain? Interesting how it keeps being brought up. With everyone theorising he could be dean.#EastEnders

One fan pointed out the parallels of Gina and Anna’s (Molly Rainford) arrival in Walford with Ronnie and Roxy Mitchell, explaining how their scene with Bobby and Freddie (Clay Milner Russell and Bobby Brazier) mirrored the Mitchell sisters’ scene with Bradley and Dean.

Gina & Anna’s ‘flashy’ entrance with Freddie & Bobby staring at them etc is almost a mirror image of Ronnie & Roxy’s entrance in 2007. Cowboy hats and their thing with Bradley & Dean – right down to the awkward waves😭 love the symbolism. Hoping this is a good omen #Eastenders

Could this have been deliberate, in order to foreshadow Dean’s return?

If Dean is Gina’s new boyfriend, could he be set to come looking for her to make amends? And what would that mean for Linda?

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