Hawkeye: Did Lucky the Pizza Dog Actually Eat Real Pizza?

”Not on every take, of course,“ Hailee Steinfeld assures TheWrap

Marvel Studios

The first two episodes of “Hawkeye” have arrived on Disney+ and there is one clear standout on Marvel’s latest series: Lucky the Pizza Dog. And he really lived up to the latter half of his name on set — even though he hasn’t officially been named Lucky on screen just yet.

Well, technically, he is a she. Lucky the Pizza Dog is actually played by Jolt, a Very Good girl. And though Lucky only has one eye on screen, Jolt does in fact have two perfectly good eyes in real life. But yes, she was definitely eating real pizza when Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop fed it to her — at least, most of the time.

“Yes. Not on every take, of course,” Steinfeld confirmed to TheWrap. “The dog was so amazing. And to watch how the trainer would interact with the dog and like walk her through as we do our blocking rehearsals, and we’ll run through a couple of times. You can’t just throw the dog into it, she needs practice too. So we would use treats until it was until it was her moment and her close up. And then we’d give her some pizza.”

Steinfeld did not specify which brand of pizza was actually offered, but we like to believe it was of the highest quality for Jolt.

Now, before you freak out, we checked and yes, pizza is safe for dogs to eat, for the most part. Some toppings can definitely be toxic, but from what was shown on “Hawkeye,” Lucky got just a classic cheese pizza. The concern for dogs when it comes to eating pizza — assuming you’ve removed all toxic toppings — is just the nutrition of it.

According to Hill’s, a popular brand of pet food particularly for pups with sensitive diets, letting dogs consume a large amount of cheese “can lead to feeding too many calories to your pet.” Hill’s also notes that “sauce is often made from ripe tomatoes, which are fine for dogs to eat.”

So all in all, pizza isn’t necessarily a healthy snack for dogs, but then again, is it really healthy for humans? At the end of the day, small bits probably had no effect on Lucky/Jolt. Especially considering that, according to her Instagram bio, Jolt is into “agility, dock diving, rally, and canicross.” (Each of these are basically sports for dogs, meaning she stays in great shape).

As it happens, the first episodes of “Hawkeye” premiered on Jolt’s birthday; she is officially four years old today. Happy birthday Jolt!

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