Here's What Loni Love Says Really Went Down When Tamar Braxton Was Fired From 'The Real'

Tamar’s former cohost finally address “the big elephant in the room.”

Loni Love and the women of "The Real" opened a can of worms they’ve been avoiding for some time this morning, giving new insight into Tamar Braxton’s firing from the show.

While they’ve all denied having any involvement in the decision in the past, Love revealed why she believes Braxton was axed and the rest of them were targeted as rumored conspirators in her firing.

"That’s the big elephant in the room and I think everybody’s been waiting for us to talk about it," said Love when asked about Tamar on "The Breakfast Club" on Friday.

"In season one and season two, we were all different. We didn’t really know each other that much, it was a new show, and as far as I know, I was sitting at table with a girl named Tamar Braxton," she continued. "I had just met these ladies and I had just met her. I was excited."

Making it clear she had no involvement in casting, Love added that "Tamar and the rest of these women were the best." She then said "something" happened with Tamar during the second season that changed everything.

"I don’t know what happened," she said. "I can tell you this, everybody has a different story with Tamar.

"My story is this: She was getting to the point where I was at her house one day — this is after ‘Dancing With the Stars’ and all this other kind of stuff — she looked at me and she said, ‘Hey, I want to get a new manager," explained Love.

She said Tamar asked her to give her Rushion McDonald’s number, and then asked what she should do about her then-husband/manager Vince Hebert.

"When she was sick, we all went to the hospital to see her. Even when her sisters wasn’t around, we were around for her," Love continued. "So when the incident happened when she got fired, I didn’t know about it. I got a call on Saturday. They said that Tamar was being let go. I asked a question, we all got on a text, like what was going on."

They all said Tamar then stopped communicating with all of them, one by one. The first person she unfollowed on Instagram was Love, after putting up a post about being stabbed in the back.

"So people assumed I was the one," said Love. "I know Tamar, she’s a good person, she probably saw all the heat I was getting, then she unfollowed Jeannie, then after a couple days she unfollowed these two."

As luck would have it, Love said she then ran into Tamar’s sister at the airport. "Her sister Towanda said, ‘Loni I am so sorry this is happening to you, we know you didn’t have nothing to do with it,’" Love claimed.

After Towanda allegedly warned her about an upcoming episode of "Braxton Family Values," Love said she did some digging and found out Vince was talking smack about her and her co-hosts on camera, saying they had Tamar fired because they were jealous.

"So I call my attorney — I didn’t tell these girls this, this is the first time they’re hearing this — I call my attorney, I said you gotta call WE tv and let them know, if they’re naming us, we’re gonna have to have legal action," she continued. "This is defamation of character."

The network allegedly made the edit and Vince’s words about them never made air. "You know why I say he does that?" asked Love. "Because he knows I gave her the number of Rushion McDonald."

As for those jealousy rumors, Love said they supported Tamar in everything she did and they don’t have the power to have anyone fired.

"Something happened and he knows what happened. He’s trying to save face, I believe, because he knows something had happened, either some deal that messed up, I don’t know," added Love. "It wasn’t like they had a meeting, we tip toed to the office, we don’t have that type of power. We got no power."

"Tamar Braxton’s contract was not renewed for reasons that will remain privileged and private, and that are between her and the Studio," Warner Bros. said in 2016. "However, we would like to make it crystal clear that Ms. Braxton’s departure from the show had nothing to do with her former co-hosts; any suggestion to the contrary unfairly tarnishes them. As always, we wish Tamar and Vince all the best."

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