Holby City boss confirms shock death was planned from the start

Note: This article contains spoilers for Tuesday’s (September 25) episode of Holby City.

In the real world, hospitals are pretty damn safe, but Holby City Hospital has a habit of throwing up all sorts of drama we’d rather avoid as patients – and doctors.

Unfortunately, Holby City is as dangerous as ever at the moment, as Professor John Gaskell shows no signs of tempering his guilt and deceit over his clinical trial secret.

Stopping at nothing – and no-one – to keep his fraud under wraps, Gaskell killed fan-favourite Roxanna MacMillan in tonight’s episode, just days after giving her locked-in syndrome.

While Roxanna’s death may have come as a surprise, executive producer Simon Harper told Radio Times that Hermione Gulliford had known about her character’s demise all along.

“Hermione has been in that unique position of knowing her character was going to be killed off from the top, which she handled with great grace and aplomb – as well as giving the most wonderful, nuanced performance as Roxanna,” he said of the character’s exit.

“We’ve been so lucky to have this wonderful actor on board in this huge story.”

Knowing the fate of her character didn’t make departing the long-running series any easier for Hermione, though, who admitted that she feels “sad” about leaving Holby behind.

Speaking to Inside Soap, Hermione said: “Obviously, I was sad that I wouldn’t be staying, but delighted that it was a story that gripped people’s imaginations,” before adding she will “definitely miss Roxanna and the show”.

“I think our bosses do a really good job of making Holby work. They really wanted to make it an exciting venture to keep us on the edge of our seats about what John Gaskell was going to do, and how Roxanna was tied into that – so I think they’ve been very clever about it,” she said.

With Roxanna out of the running, that leaves just five characters left who hold the power to potentially topple Gaskell – before he strikes again.

Holby City airs on Tuesdays at 8pm on BBC One.

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