How to Get People to Leave You Alone When You Want to Watch Your Favorite Netflix Shows

Are you gearing up to relax at home and go on a Netflixbinge or catch up on your favorite shows on some other streaming service? Thatcan be incredibly difficult to do when you have people interrupting your TVtime to talk, complain, or ask random questions. How do you get someone toleave you alone long enough so you can at least complete one episode of your favoriteshow? Have no fear; there are a few ways to accomplish this without gettinginto an argument or destroying your hope for some me time. Showbiz Cheat Sheetwill show you how.

1. Tell the annoying person to leave you alone so you can watch TV

Sometimes it pays to be direct. Just tell the person who is interrupting you for the tenth time that you’re trying to watch your show and you would like to be left alone. That person might not even realize you’re trying to concentrate. At first glance, it might look like you’re just using the show as background noise. Quickly clear up any misunderstandings so you can watch your show in peace.

2. Watch your show when everyone is asleep

There are times when you have no other choice but to changeyour schedule so you can get in a few episodes. At night, it’s usually quietand most people are asleep, so this is the perfect time to sneak in time foryour television shows. Once you find a time that works for you, settle in, graba snack, and watch whatever you want.

3. Leave the house

Staying up late to catch up on shows isn’t for everyone.Falling asleep during the best parts probably wouldn’t make for a great viewingexperience. If you’re not a late owl and you’d rather watch your favorite showsearlier in the day, you’ll have to be creative. That might mean leaving yourhome and finding another location to have some TV time. During your lunch breakyou could watch shows at a coffee shop or even your car. If the weather isnice, find a bench or a spot under a tree in your local park and catch up onshows there. A change of scenery might be nice.

4. Have the person join you for your Netflix binge

If nothing else works, you might have no other choice but toinvite the person to sit down and watch the show with you. Perhaps theinterruptions will stop, and you’ll have a new buddy to watch your favoriteshow with. Or it could all end horribly and this person will just continueasking you questions about the characters and what they said. Even worse, thatperson could keep asking you to pause and rewind certain scenes. Then it willtake forever to watch an episode and you’ll just end up storming off infrustration. Maybe that spot under a tree in the park is your best option.

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