Hunted fans furious after fugitives keep making the same mistakes to get caught

Fans of the Channel 4 show watched as the contestants put themselves in jeopardy by making contact with their friends and family – a big no-no if they're to go undetected.

Loren and Matt were the latest duo to commit the error as the season four finale approaches and fans had little sympathy for them.

Writing on Twitter, the vented: "Why is it the recruiters for #Hunted only take on contestants that clearly have little chance of succeeding? They always run about making the same obvious mistakes and attention seeking when the whole point is to avoid being found ??.

"Why do people insist on trying to sneak home to loved ones and family on #Hunted ? Big mistake. Massive in fact. And soooo stupid.

"All making the mistake of going home #Hunted @CashmorePaul.

"It always fascinates me how people on #Hunted make the fatal mistake of visiting family, leave an electronic trail and ask random strangers for help. Hide for 4 weeks and don’t talk to anyone. Simple. #become a #hermit."

And it wasn't only the fugitives behaviour that came in for criticism.

The hunters didn't escape the loyal viewers' wrath, with many accusing them of cheating after revealing the extraction point will be in central Birmingham.

When the remaining fugitives received the phonecall alerting them to the end zone, it automatically alerted the hunters to their position, effectively undoing all the contestants' stealth work.

Feeling let down by the revelation social media once again lit up with angry tweets.

They read: "@Hunted_HQ Next series are you just going to drop the contestants outside HQ to make it even easier for yourselves?! FFS! The only way to get their extraction is traced! You lot aren't quite as good as you make out, obviously! #desperate #Hunted.

"As if they’ve put the extraction point in a city centre ? #Hunted.

"I see #hunted have that cheaters card again.

"They work so hard to escape capture yet they reveal their exact location by accessing the extraction information. It doesn't make the programme fun,nor entertaining…

"#Hunted you get 24 hours off extraction and have to call in. Only to reveal your location! That's not fair at all. What's the point of being on the run? Rubbish."

Next week's finale will see if the remaining pairings can evade capture one last time and walk away with the £100,000 prize.

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