‘I don’t care’ Jane McDonald opens up on concerns of her appearance

Jane McDonald discusses having 'fun' filming her travel shows

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Television presenter Jane McDonald, 59, made the confession as she discussed going to the Caribbean to film Holidaying with Jane McDonald on Channel 5. The programme, which sees Jane jetting off to sunny and far-away locations, follows the singer as she explores what each place has to offer. Speaking to James Martin on his self-titled Saturday Morning cooking show, the Yorkshire native talked about the challenges of travel and said she “doesn’t care” how she looks.

As James cooked a meal for Jane to sample, he chatted with her about her recent projects.

“You say you don’t like travelling but over there [the Caribbean], it’s pretty special out there,” he commented.

Jane replied: “Well I mean, I’m always on the go, I’m always away.

“But I’ve got such a great filming team and we have such a laugh.”

“It does appear you have good fun,” James noted as he fried some ingredients in a pan.

“Yeah, I do,” Jane agreed. “And I get into it, I like it.

“I’m not bothered what I look like in a swimming costume anymore, I don’t care!

“So I get my cozzie on, I jump in places and yeah, I have a good time, I really like to get involved with what’s going on.”

The conversation came after James had shown a clip of Jane exploring Yorkshire.

He remarked: “It’s those memories, I remember seeing that and going ‘I remember that, I remember that.'”

“And such great memories and you forget easily, don’t you?” Jane detailed.

The chef asked her what her favourite place in Yorkshire was, which led to the seasoned traveller making a surprising confession.

“I think probably Wakefield, I know it sounds a bit weird,” she answered.

“I love being at home. How the heck I’ve got a travel show, I’ll never know!

“I’m not that keen on travel, but I’m away such a lot so my favourite place is just my home where I get back and I can kick back and just relax.”

“You say you don’t like travelling but I’ve been watching recently and you did this amazing show in the Caribbean as well, I mean that is pretty special,” James stated.

“It was fabulous, I must admit,” Jane responded.

A recent instalment saw Jane exploring the Florida Keys, a group of tropical islands off the state’s southern edge.

At one point she decided to go parasailing but seemed to have second thoughts as she explained she was “really nervous” and her stomach was “churning” before she took to the sunny skies.

James Martin’s Saturday Morning airs weekly from 9.25am on ITV, while Holidaying With Jane McDonald can be watched on My5.

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