Emmerdale fans torn over Samson’s ‘flirting’ technique amid crush on Amelia

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Emmerdale fans were distracted by Samson Dingle's unique 'flirting' technique.

Samson, played by Sam Hall, has been crushing on pal Amelia Spencer for a while and during tonight's episode, fans picked up on the teen trying to flirt.

During a conversation with Cathy, the youngster tells Samson to let Amelia (Daisy Campbell) know how he really feels about her.

When Amelia walks in, Cathy asks her to take Samson off her hands for a few hours because Brenda is forcing her to work.

Amelia politely agrees, saying "Sure, what do you fancy doing then?"

Samson responds: "Have you ever put sun cream on pigs?"

Immediately, viewers took to social media to point out Samson's unique way of flirting.

One wrote: "“Have you ever put suncream on pigs?” You little flirt, Samson."

"Samson knows how to show a girl a good time – "Let's go put some sunscreen on pigs!" another quipped.

A third wrote: "Sunscreen on pigs. If that ain’t a dingle date then I don’t know what’s going on #Emmerdale."

While another penned: "Another joked: "French pig speaking: La oink #Emmerdale."

Later in the episode, Amelia told Samson she thinks it's nice that he doesn't care what other people think about him.

She said: "I need to be more like that. I need a stronger brand, to show all my haters that I'm winning with my Kardashian collabs and my millions if followers."

"Fat chance of that when this is all I've got to offer to the world," she added.

Samson reassured her, saying: "You don't need all them filters and fillers and what not, you're lovely the way you are."

Despite Amelia later shutting Samson down after he confessed he liked her more than a friend, viewers took to social media to throw their support behind the pair.

One wrote: "Amelia and Samson work well together and would make a cute teen couple which is why they will never go there #emmerdale don’t believe in nice couples!"

"Aww I love Amelia and Samson. They're both very sweet," another gushed.

While a third said: "Samson and Amelia bless um."

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