ITVX’s Litvinenko stars former Doctor Who legend David Tennant

Litvinenko tells the true story of Alexander Litvinenko, a former Russian Federal Security Services and KGB officer, who was poisoned.

The drama aired on ITV’s streaming service ITVX to get more viewers excited about the platform’s refurbishment.

The eye-opening series is now making its way to ITV1, with all four episodes airing across the week.

Viewers will then be treated to a special documentary on Friday from 9pm.

Here’s all there is to know about the cast of Litvinenko.

Who is in the cast of Litvinenko?

Alexander Litvinenko – David Tennant

Alexander Litvinenko was a former KGB officer who, in November 2006, was dying from polonium poisoning but prior to his death, he informed the police of what happened.

On his deathbed, he told two officers in great detail about the events leading up to his illness, claiming that his poisoning had been a direct order from Vladimir Putin.

Litvinenko is portrayed by none other than Scottish actor David Tennant who also starred as the 10th incarnation of Doctor Who on BBC One.

Since then, he has gained national fame for some of his other work including Broadchurch, Des, Good Omens, The Sandman, Criminal: UK and Deadwater Fell.

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Talking of Tennant leading the Litvinenko cast, ITV’s head of drama Polly Hill said: “After David’s incredible performance as Dennis Nilsen I’m delighted he returns to ITV to play Alexander Litvinenko in the incredible story of his murder.

“George Kay’s scripts are brilliant and this is an important story that documents a long police investigation and a powerful campaign for justice by his wife Marina.

“It is going to make a compelling drama and I am proud to have it on ITV.”

Marina Litvinenko – Margarita Levieva

Sat by Litvinenko’s side throughout the entire grueling process is his fearless wife who fights to persuade the British Government to name her husband’s killers and who was behind his murder.

Russian-American actress Margarita Levieva is behind Marina in the ITVX drama who was Abby Parker in The Deuce for two years.

Some of her other work has been in The Blacklist, Revenge, Allegiance and In From the Cold.


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Clive Timmons – Mark Bonnar

Clive Timmons was one of the Metropolitan Police officers who Litvinenko spoke to about his murder.

He is played by Scottish actor Mark Bonnar who has been in a plethora of big named series over the years.

Bonnar has been Max in Guilt, Bruno Jenkins in Casualty, DCI Mike Dryden in Line of Duty and Colin Osborne in Unforgotten.

Most recently, he has been behind Duncan Hunter in BBC One drama Shetland.

Brent Hyatt – Neil Maskell

The second officer who interviewed Litvinenko at the hospital was Brent Hyatt.

Actor Neil Maskell has been in King Gary, Intergalactic, No Offence, Cleaning Up and Peaky Blinders as Winston Churchill.

Earlier this year, he was also in the comedy series Stuck as Dr Pete Cosmo.

The four episodes will air across this week from Monday to Thursday, with a documentary special airing on Friday.

Litvinenko: The Mayfair Poisoning, investigates how the attack was more than an attempt to “silence one man”.

The synopsis explains: “Evidence of polonium-210 (a dangerous substance used to trigger nuclear explosions) was found all over London – in hotels, restaurants, and on the BA plane that the killers took from Moscow to the UK – which could have had fatal consequences for thousands of ordinary people.”

Litvinenko airs on ITV1 from June 19

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