Jana Kramer Says She Recently Auditioned for Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

According to Kramer, she first had a phone interview and then a second interview with her husband. "We did the whole FaceTime, Zoom thing. It was at the end of May. It's been like over a month," she said.

Kramer texted Mellencamp Arroyave, 39, about the audition and shared that the daughter of John Mellencamp heard it "went good."

Although she has some hesitations about reality television, Kramer has long been candid about her life and recently discussed the difficult parts of motherhood she's currently experiencing.

On Sunday, Kramer got real on Instagram, posting a selfie from a "dark room" that showed her tear-streaked face. "I have never heard these kinds of screams from [son Jace Joseph, 19 months] and it's literally BREAKING my heart," Kramer wrote. "Apparently it's the 18-21 sleep regression. (I had his ears checked and all are good now). His molars all 4 are coming in. And he throws his lovey and wubs out of the crib."

Along with son Jace, Kramer shares daughter Jolie Rae, 4, with Caussin.

While the mother of two said she "used to go back in to give him" the comfort items, it soon "became this game" and she was advised to not continue that practice.

"But hearing him so upset, well has me like this," Kramer added. "#motherhood please please mommas tell me it'll be better soon?! And any tips?!? Also I only share this because I need the mom support."

Many fellow parents chimed in on Kramer's comments, offering words of comfort and advice, insisting that they had been in her exact shoes many times and encouraged her to give herself some emotional grace.

"I've had many moments like this," wrote Jessie James Decker, who's a mother of three. "It's ok to take a moment and just cry. We all in this together ❤️❤️."

The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills airs Wednesdays (9 p.m. ET) on Bravo.

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