Jed Duggar's wife Katey's 'liberal' brother calls out their Christian wedding for having NO dancing or alcohol

JED Duggar's wife Katey Nakatsu's "liberal" brother has called out their Christian wedding with no alcohol or dancing.

Reed Roberts – who is Katey's half older brother – attended her nuptials to the Counting On star in Arkansas earlier this month.

He talked about the traditional ceremony during a chat with Without A Crystal Ball vlogger, Katie Joy.

"It was a chilled one. When I think of a wedding I think like 'woo, party, open bar!'" he admitted.

"There was no alcohol and no dancing. It was short and sweet. It was pretty much like, vows and we ate."

Katey and Jed, 22, are thought to have started dating last year and tied the knot in a packed family ceremony.

Reed talked about some of the strict Christian values the Duggar family uphold, including homeschooling, women not wearing pants, and no kissing or sex before marriage.

Katey's older brother – who describes himself as a "liberal gay man living in LA" – said: "I kind of think that homeschooling is an interesting concept.

"I think that's where you make a kid, in high school you have those experiences… you meet people, you learn how to be social."

He went on: "Do I see women not wearing pants as normal? Obviously not. But, who am I to judge how people live their life? They seem happy and they love that."

On the topic of "courting" he added: "The courting thing is funny to me. Like what? What year are we in?

"I personally look at it and I'm personally like, that's a little crazy to me, I don't know if I could marry someone without kissing them."

Jed and Katey sparked concern with their vows – as he promised to be her "leader" and she said she would "submit" to him.

Many tuned in to listen to the young couple on YouTube, but were left feeling "depressed" by the "creepy" ceremony.

Jed said in his vows: "God has ordained that the husband be the head of the wife.

"He instructs me as the one that will be your husband and love unconditionally as Christ loves the Church.

"With Christ and by his grace, I vow to be your humble, spiritual leader. To be a man of the word, to remain faithful to you.

"To stay open with you, guard you, protect you, listen to your needs and love you whether you are healthy or sick, rich or poor, young or old."

Katey then replied: "God has ordained that the wife be subject to her husband. He instructs me as the one who will be your wife to submit to your authority as you submit to Christ.

"I vow to submit to your leadership, pray for you always, trust you, honour you, be your greatest encourager, listen to your needs, and love you whether you are healthy or sick, rich or poor, young or old."

Fans immediately took to the comments section to share their thoughts on the ceremony, dubbing it "disturbing".

"These are the most disturbing vows I've ever heard," one man wrote. "Way worse than all the other Duggar weddings. He seriously OWNS her."

Another chimed in: "This just makes me so sad. The one thing positive thing I can say is that she was a beautiful bride."

"She looked beautiful in her dress, but too bad the rest of the wedding is creepy as f***," a third agreed in the comments.

Jed’s twin brother, Jeremiah, was his best man, according to Hello, while Katey had her sister as her maid of honor.

The role of flower girl went to Jed’s niece – Jinger Duggar and husband Jeremy Vuolo's daughter, Felicity.

Jim Bob and Michelle gifted son Jed with a $365,000 three-bedroom home amid his engagement.

Property records obtained by The Sun reveal the home that sits on over five acres of land is currently owned by his parents.  

The Counting On patriarch, who has a real estate empire worth millions, is known for gifting his children homes when they tie the knot.

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