John Oliver Thinks Elmo May Be to Blame for Country's Unemployment Benefits Mess (Video)

This surely won’t tickle “Sesame Street” monster

John Oliver went to town on America’s unemployment insurance system on Sunday. The “Last Week Tonight” host found someone something some monster to point the finger at: Elmo. Yes, of “Sesame Street.”

We’ll get there. But first, Oliver took another potshot at his (and Elmo’s, technically) parent company AT&T.

“Our main story tonight concerns unemployment, the thing that would happen to me if AT&T executives ever find out what I’ve been saying about them,” Oliver said. “But on the other hand, what are they going to do? Look it up online? How? With their internet plan? And then what? Call someone? Using AT&T? I think I’m fine.”

“Last Week Tonight” then rolled footage from the “Sesame Street” episode where Elmo’s mom loses her job.

Elmo, definitely not tickled by the news, asks if it’s his fault. His mom and dad swiftly assure him that no it is not, but Oliver cannot rule it out.

Watch the video above.

More to come…

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