Katie Price admits she fancies Love Island's Chris Hughes as Piers Morgan asks her if she's 'picking a new husband' after Mallorca pool party carnage

KATIE Price admitted she fancies Love Island's Chris Hughes after Piers Morgan asked if she's "picking a new husband" following her raucous partying in Mallorca at the weekend.

The mum-of-five appeared on Good Morning Britain today to promote her new single where Piers joked she's a "completely talentless cretin" before quizzing her about Love Island.

As he introduced her, Piers said: "Now look, we're talking about completely talentless cretins who appear in reality TV shows, which brings me neatly to our special guest Katie Price."

She replied: "Are you talking about me? That's it, that is it. You wait."

Piers then asked her opinion on the ITV2 reality show saying: "You watch Love Island nonsense right? "Are you picking a new husband? What's going on?"

Katie said she's a big fan of Chris because he reminds her of her hubby Kieran Hayler.

She said: "Chris is fit, he looks like Kieran a bit, it's the eyes. And he's a farmer. I've got the slippers, he'll work perfectly at mine."

After their chat, the pair got into a bit of a sing-off with Piers belting out her new track.

Piers put her on the spot and said: "Can we hear a quick verse from you?" as her track started to play in the background.

Before attempting the chorus, Katie said: "I haven't warmed up, I can't do the high notes. I haven't even had a cup of tea!"

As she sang another line, Piers quipped: "You wobbled a bit at the end but the early part was good."

Katie then pushed Piers: "You try then! What talent have you got?"


Piers then broke out into song before Katie joked: "I think that's all we have time for, we're coming up to a break!"

Poor Susanna had enough of their dulcet tones and said: "Alright, shut up now!"

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Her appearance on the show comes after a boozy Katie told a topless hunk she wanted to kiss him before attempting to snog his girlfriend after drinking all day in Mallorca at the weekend.

Speaking exclusively to The Sun Online, one stunned holiday maker said: “As they were kissing Katie interrupted and said: 'Where's the spit?!'

“She then added: 'That's so horny, you two are gonna go home and f*** tonight!'”

The 39-year-old went on to “educate” the crowd in her favourite, steamy kissing technique.

The onlooker continued: “She turned to the crowd and asked: 'Does anyone know the breathing technique?! Oh my God I love it, I can educate you all, it's so sexy.'

“She went on to describe how to do 'her favourite' kissing technique and told the kissing couples that they had to put their mouths on each other and breathe into each other's mouths, adding, “it's so sexy, go on try it.’”

At that point Katie unashamedly turned to the topless hunk and made her attraction very clear, revealing she wanted to kiss him – despite the fact she’s married and there were hundreds of people watching."

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