Katie Price's son Harvey 'kicked off' at Loose Women shoot when he 'flipped a table because they didn't have croissants'

KATIE Price's son Harvey caused "kicked off" during a Loose Women shoot – where he "flipped a table because they didn't have croissants".

The 42-year-old star appeared on the daytime show today to discuss her BBC documentary about the teen, as well as The Sun's exclusive on her disability following her tragic accident last year.

Linda Robson was on the panel today, and during the chat she recounted witnessing one of 18-year-old Harvey's "meltdowns" first hand.

She said: "A few years ago we saw first hand how Harvey can kick off; we were doing a photoshoot and we had to spray paint all over ourselves.

"You brought Harvey along because you were taking him to the hospital afterwards and he was as happy as anything sitting there."

Katie nodded as she said that she remembered the incident, Linda continued: "I think he asked for a croissant and there wasn't a croissant there.

"There were cakes and biscuits and sandwiches and everything, but there wasn't what he wanted.

"Then all of a sudden he tipped the table, threw his laptop and everything."

Praising the mother-of-five, Linda concluded: "We saw you go over to him really calmly and say: 'Harvey, look at me – this is not acceptable', and he calmed down right away.

"You know him so well, you know exactly what to do."

Viewers of the BBC documentary Harvey and Me would have seen Harvey headbutt and kick walls and doors in distress after encountering one of his triggers – including doors slamming shut.

On Loose Women, Katie explained that while she showed glimmers of his "meltdowns", she was conscious not to show the entire thing in a bid to maintain some privacy for the teen.

She told the ladies: "I didn't show him having a full meltdown because, one it can be disturbing to watch if you're not used to it, and two, I didn't want to do that to Harvey.

"It was enough to show that he's challenging and it wasn't about exposing Harvey it was about the journey of a mother and a son."

Katie won widespread praise when the documentary premiered last week, with viewers moved to tears by her devotion to her oldest child, who was born with a variety of complex additional needs.

Harvey needs 24/7 care after he was born with a series of disabilities, including ADHD, autism, genetic condition Prader-Willi Syndrome and septo-optic dysplasia, which causes blindness.

She has raised him largely as a single mother, with his father Dwight Yorke not being in Harvey's life since he was a toddler.

Katie is also mum to 15-year-old Junior, 13-year-old Princess, seven-year-old Jett, and six-year-old Bunny.

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