Kim Kardashian tests her make-up skills on a 'dead body'

The reality star, 37, visited her local morgue to learn how to make corpses look "beautiful".

But she later admitted she was not cut out for the job, after almost throwing up at the sight of a pretend dead body.

Kim first revealed her obsession with death to her sisters Khloe and Kourtney after attending a funeral with an open casket, and not liking the fact the corpse looked different.

She explained: "When someone dies and you see them and you're, like, God they looked really at peace, they look so beautiful, I feel good seeing them like that.

Kim went on to visit a morgue with make-up artist pal Mario Dedivanovic to learn the art of embalming from experts, and even have a go at beautifying a corpse herself.

However, the selfie addict was left horrified by the grisly job, after learning morticians often have to reconstruct the features of corpses that are decomposing or have been severely wounded.

She said: "My stomach is turning. I thought I was totally fine and now all of a sudden I’m like, ‘Oh my God, I might throw up.'

"We definitely asked for the authentic experience, but I’m starting to rethink this."

Making matters worse, she was then taken into a room where an elderly woman lay motionless – and immediately freaked out at the sight of her – even though she was only pretending to be dead.

However, she and Mario quickly realised it was all a ruse as the model was breathing on the table, leading Kim to admit she is not cut out for the job after all.

She said: "I know this is like way too heavy for me to ever really take on, but I’ve learned so much being here and I'm really grateful for the experience.

"And I’m really glad that Mario came along because no I know that if — when — the day comes, I’ll be in good hands."

In the name of research, she also tricked her mother Kris Jenner into pretending to be a dead body in her bedroom, so she could put her new skills to the test.

Clearly unimpressed as she lay down on their massage table, the momager branded her daughter "really creepy" before quipping: ''I know I look pretty bad, but I'm not dead!"

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