Kim needs help as the extent of her illness is revealed in EastEnders

When Kim Fox (Tameka Empson) crashed her car in a recent EastEnders episode it seemed like the only real casualty in the accident was Denzel (Jaden Ladega), who was a passenger.

He was badly hurt in the accident, which was caused by Kim being distracted as messages popped up on Denise (Diane Parish)’s phone, which was in the car, revealing that Denise and Ravi (Aaron Thiara) had been having an affair.

Kim faced court and was ultimately handed a driving ban, but it was clear even before that that she was struggling and her mental health has taken a massive knock as a result of the accident.

Before the court case Denzel spotted her having a panic attack in the car when she was asked to drive for work. In the run-up to her court appearance she suffered several more panic attacks, which she tried to hide from everyone else.

Amy (Ellie Dadd) and Denzel tried to encourage her to open up and seek help, but in upcoming episodes her anxiety is seriously affecting her life.

She organises a leaving party for dying Lola (Danielle Harold) at the salon, but forgets to hire a karaoke machine because she’s in such a state.

It starts to affect her relationship with her daughter, Pearl (Arayah Harris-Buckle), too. When Pearl starts feeling unwell Kim can’t keep things in perspective and becomes alarmed that something might be seriously wrong with her daughter and insists she needs to go to hospital.

Sonia (Natalie Cassidy) spots that Kim is overreacting to the situation and that something is wrong and she calmly steps in to check Pearl over and reassure Kim that her daughter isn’t in any danger. She talks to Kim about what’s going on for her and encourages her to seek help for how she’s feeling.

Will Kim act on Sonia’s wise words, or could things be set to get worse for her?

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