Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper's loved-up Oscars 2019 performance was 'faked' claims body language expert

The pair have wowed fans with their heartwarming relationship in Oscar nominated film A Star Is Born, and their relationship off-screen has also been hitting the headlines this awards season.

And last night, the co-stars set social media alight when they "almost kissed" at the end of their steamy duet of Shallow, which won the Best Song award, in front of Bradley's girlfriend, Irina Shayk.

While their sizzling chemistry made sure it was one of the most talked about moments of this year's awards, body language expert Judi told The Sun Online that the screen stars simply proved that they were "too good at their craft".

She began: "It was on stage during their musical number that Bradley and Gaga went into on-screen role mode to perform some show-stoppingly intimate body language rituals.

"This on-screen off-screen blurring of the lines is common for celebs with a film to plug as fans love watching movies where they can be allowed to imagine they’re seeing the real thing rather than two people acting.

Adding: "Perhaps Bradley and Gaga were just too good at their craft though because instead of using some over-congruent body language to suit the size of the stage and venue they appeared to opt for small-screen subtlety for the close-up camera instead and it was this intensity that ensured their stunning Oscar 'moment'.

"What we got was Gaga belting out her number about 'Shall-la-la-low' while still managing to perform some passion with Bradley.

"As he sidled up to join her on the piano stool she threw her head slightly backward as though resting it on his shoulder before pouting and using some softened eye contact as though lining up for a screen kiss.

Adding: "With their heads touching together Bradley joined in the singing and with their eyes closed and Bradley's brows puckered together we saw what looked like the pain of love rather than the effort of reaching for the high notes."

And while Judi praised the pair's performance, the expert insisted that newly-single Lady Gaga and Bradley's loved-up appeared was simply well "rehearsed".

She said: "It was clearly a 'moment' but was it real?

"I'd guess the pair had been rehearsing their 'passion' most of the day, like all the other Oscar acts, and that if there had been any true romance between them might well have hidden it rather than relished it, with poor Irina in the audience.

"If you look at Bradley's hand and pelvic positioning during hugs and embraces with Gaga he seems to border well on the side of being a true gentleman, with no clutching touches or pelvic closeness."

Taking to the stage during the ceremony last night, 44-year-old Bradley and Gaga, 32, gave a heartwarming rendition of Shallow.

Starting innocently enough, viewers couldn't believe their eyes as the song drew to a close and Bradley sat beside Gaga while she played the piano.

The two stars put on a steamy display as they smiled at one another – with fans taking to Twitter to share their reaction to their near-kiss.

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