Lisa Appleton piles on 'a few extra stone' after gorging on 'orgasmic' sausages during lockdown

LISA Appleton has gained a few extra stone in weight after gorging on “orgasmic” sausages during lockdown.

The 52 -year-old turned to her favourite food for “comfort” as she was left out of work and lonely due to Covid restrictions. 

But the former Big Brother star, who launched her own cook book Cook with Lisa: Essential Budget cooking, says that she finds food “orgasmic” and enjoyed seeing what she could make with a pack of sausages.

Speaking to The Sun Online, she revealed: “During lockdown a lot of my working projects were cancelled due to covid.

“Because I was isolated I spent more time cooking and eating my mouth watering recipes. It was comfort eating and I ended up gaining a few extra stone.

“For me food is orgamsic, it’s sexy from the moment you start thinking about your next dish, to preparing it and finally munching, chewing on every forkful or spoonful or using your fingers  – who cares?”

Lisa’s cookbook grew out of her being on benefits and then minimum wage jobs, where she had to learn how to budget and to create delicious meals on a budget. 

She added: “It’s amazing what you can do with a sausage.”

Lisa rose to fame in 2008 when she appeared on Big Brother with her then boyfriend Mario Marconi, who she ended up marrying. 

Unfortunately their marriage lasted only two years before they headed to the divorce courts.

The split came after a conman “destroyed” their lives, by filming them for six months for a non-existent reality TV show.

After a brief spell being paid to do photoshoots and public appearances, the work dried up for Lisa.

She then popped up on Channel 5 documentary On Benefits: Living the High Life showing viewers how her life had changed dramatically.

Since then Lisa has rebuilt her life and has made a career out of doing outrageous photoshoots.

However after coming off benefits and turning down webcam work she ended up living in a treehouse and struggling to make ends meet. 

These days life is looking much better for Lisa, who has been busy rebranding herself and working on various projects.

As well as having  a true crime podcast, she is half way through studying Astrobiology & Extraterrestrial Life with University of Edinburgh.

She is also giving Kim Kardashian a run for her money, by launching her own lip gloss range.

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