Loose Women fans rejoice as Carol McGiffin returns to panel after five years and shows off results of new face lift

The 58-year-old, who quit the ITV show in 2013, looked amazing as she showed off the results of a face lift, which she had just three weeks ago.

Those watching at home were so pleased to see her back on the telly and took to Twitter to comment on it.

One person wrote: “I’m loving @McGiff back on #LooseWomen already! She’s amazing!”

Another commented: “So happy that Carol is back she honestly was my fav #LooseWomen alongside Denise Welch true loose legends .”

While someone else remarked: “I’m sooooo happy that @McGiff is back! Sort them out Giffers! The show hasn’t been the same since you left! #LooseWomen.”

Carol was welcomed on the show by cheers and confetti, but she admitted she was very nervous.

When she took her seat on the panel, she showed that her hands were shaking and joked: "It's like I haven't had a drink in a week".

She admitted that it was “odd” to be there but the time was right.

Asked what she had been up to, Carol confessed “a hell of a lot” had.

She said: “I did CBB  and then I got sick, I got breast cancer, I lost my hair and I lost a boob, then I was really ill.

“I sold my flat in London and moved to France.I had a facelift three weeks ago and then I came back to Loose women.”

Joking about her new look, she added: "If you're looking at me thinking I look a bit strange or a bit younger than I did last week then I probably do!"

Discussing her decision to return to the show, she said: “It’s a lot of things that it’s the right thing to do now. Like I said, I was feeling ill.

“I wasn’t actually feeling like there was a lot of point in doing a lot of stuff. When you have cancer, and a lot of people have, and you recover, you have to wait five years before they give you the all clear but even then, there’s no guarantees.

“In my head for about two years I kept thinking, ‘It’s going to come back tomorrow so what’s the point? I might as well not work so then I can just have a good time.’ I just couldn’t plan doing anything.

“I was convinced, it was at the front of my mind, that it was going to come back and that was going to be that. It hasn’t come back so I’ve had to go back to work, which is a really good thing actually. I’m really pleased to be here. I’m really nervous which is odd because I did over a 1000 shows.”

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