Lorraine cannot believe Avril Lavigne is 37 and claims singer ‘looks like a child’

Lorraine Kelly was stunned by Avril Lavigne ’s youthful appearance as she interviewed her on Thursday 24 February.

The 62 year old presenter was shocked by how young the punk star looked, twenty years after her debut album, Unplugged, was released.

As they discussed her seventh and latest album, Love Sux, Lorraine added: “Can I just say that you look exactly same as you did when you first started out.”

A picture of the 17 year old singer popped up on screen and Lorraine exclaimed: “Look at that, you still look like a child, it’s fantastic, I don’t know what you’re doing, but it’s working!”

The Skater Boy singer is celebrating the 20th anniversary of her first album, which she wrote at just sixteen years old.

Once again, Lorraine was stunned by the fact that twenty years had passed and Avril looked no different, she added: “I can’t believe you're 37 it’s ridiculous.”

Fans of the pop star were also in shock after they discovered her age, one ITV viewer tweeted: “So good to see Avril Lavigne again, she doesn't appear to have changed at all.”

As another commented below: “Literally! if you didn’t know her, you’d think late teens – early 20’s.”

A third fan added: “Can’t believe Avril Lavigne is nearly 40 years old!! That’s crazy.”

One viewer even suggested she might be “immortal” and they penned: “Avril Lavigne hasn’t aged a day! She’s obviously immortal.”

A fellow emo and punk fan also thought that her style kept her young as they wrote: “Avril Lavigne providing a good example of how being bedroom dwelling, Plath-reading, sun avoiding emo ghouls in our youth pays off complexion-wise our 30's/40's.”

Lorraine thanked her guest and couldn’t help but comment once again that she looked unchanged from twenty years ago.

“Avril, fantastic to talk to you,” Lorraine finished, “you still look like that 17 year old, great to see you, the music is fantastic that goes without saying.”

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