Love Island horror as Faye says her dad cut off TOE in gory accident – and didn't realise until he found it in his sock

LOVE Island's Faye Winter left her fellow contestants horrified after revealing her father was involved in a very gory accident.

In the latest episode of Love Island: Unseen bits, viewers watched in horror as Faye recalled the horrifying moment her dad had severed his little toe.

The girls were discussing whether or not you need your little toe to maintain your balance when Faye shared the shocking story.

"My dad’s only for four toes!" she shouted to the girls, to which a confused-looking Millie replied: "You can’t not have a little toe."

"He ain’t got a little toe and he walks absolutely fine," Faye responded before explaining how her dad had lost it – and claims he didn't even realise at first.

"He cut it off with a hedge trimmer and he didn’t realise till he got home and it was in his sock!"

The rest of the girls looked stunned, as Millie said: "God, that's traumatizing, imagine taking your sock off and your little toe falling out of it?!

But Faye didn't look too fussed after recounting the horrifying accident as her pals admitted it had left their stomachs churning.

Earlier, Faye shared more disgusting tales, including the moment she got sick after eating spaghetti and ending up pulling it out of her nose.

"I was ill with it when I was like seven. I remember a bit of spaghetti, I had to pull it out of my nose," Faye revealed.

She continued: "I was stood in my mum and dad’s doorway in their bedroom and I had to pick it out of my nose."

Love Island continues on Sunday at 9pm on ITV2.

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