Love Island Teddy’s ex claims Faye romance is fake as he hates ‘plastic girls’

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Love Island’sTeddy Soares has been slammed by his ex-girlfriend who accused him of faking his romance with Faye Winter.

Flora Waterhouse, says she dated Teddy for a year, and blasted him as being “arrogant and vacuous” in blistering attack.

While speaking to the The Sun on Sunday, Flora alleged that Teddy had once told her that he hates “plastic” looking girls and that the relationship between him and Faye was fake.

She said: "I was surprised when he went for her, as he told me he hated girls who were fake, and loved the natural look… He would say he didn’t even like girls who wore loads of make-up.

Flora also said that the reason that Teddy has managed to stay so calm during his huge bust-ups with fiery Faye because "he doesn’t have any b***s or a backbone”.

She said the relationship was doomed to fail because Teddy hates not being in control and he “can’t control Faye.”

She added that Teddy recycles his chat up lines and even used some on Faye that he'd previously tried with her.

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"He is gorgeous and very good at winning people over,” she explained.

“But over time I realised he was arrogant and vacuous. He turned out to be just a pretty little boy who sulks when he doesn’t get his own way.”

However, a source close to Teddy’s family told The Mirror : "It’s a shame to see Teddy being mischaracterised when he has no opportunity to respond himself.

"What people are seeing on the show is very much the real Teddy.”

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Teddy and Faye have almost made it to the final after a bumpy road over the past few weeks.

The pair seemed to be going from strength to strength until Casa Amor when the bombshell postcard showed Teddy kissing a girl in a game of Truth or Dare and caused Faye to think he was unfaithful.

She recoupled with new boy Sam in retaliation, leaving Teddy to walk back in alone.

They later rekindled their romance but it hit the rocks once more after the Mad Movies night when a clip was played showing Teddy telling Clarisse he was attracted to her.

Faye hit the roof and the furious blow-out that followed racked up a massive 25,000 Ofcom complaints.

Despite walking away, Faye later changed her mind and apologised to Teddy leading the couple to patch things up again and eventually become boyfriend and girlfriend.

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