Love Island spoiler: Chloe Crowhurst stirs some drama between Mike Thalassitis and Olivia Attwood

It’s only been a matter of days since Olivia Attwood inadvertently caused one of the most intense nights in Love Island so far after she dumped partner Sam Gowland after admitting feelings for Chris Hughes and he dumped Chloe Crowhurst.

But the model’s love life was thrown into even more chaos when Mike arrived in the villa on Friday’s episode and she admitted that she found him “very fit”.

On Sunday’s episode, Mike kisses Olivia during a cheeky game of truth or dare right in front of Chris.

However, it isn’t long until Chloe tries to stir some drama between Mike and Olivia after the steamy smooch.

Love Island: Mike Thalassitis kisses Olivia Attwood as part of a dare [ITV]
Love Island: Chloe Crowhurst decided to stir some drama between Olivia Attwood and Mike Thalassitis[ITV]

The “Greek God” says he finds Olivia “attractive”, to which she says: “But you’ve got very different banter – she is rude about it but it’s rude as in she means it rude.”

To which Mike adds: “Whereas I’m a lighthearted sarcastic…”

“Like me,” Chloe adds.

Jon Clark’s ex girlfriend then goes on to talk about Olivia and Chris, she says: “They’re getting on very well, she really likes him… Liv had a chat with him earlier and Liv was just like to him: ‘You’ve got nothing to worry about, I want to make a go of things with you,'”

Mike is taken aback by this and says: “See now my opinion has changed on her completely.”

To which a smiling Chloe adds: “Spanner in the works.”

Love Island: Chloe Crowhurst ends up telling everyone about her conversation with Mike Thalassitis[ITV]

However, Mike is not happy about this new knowledge and continues: “She is trying to play the game and I never let a girl get one over on me, ever. On the outside world, as soon as alarm bells start ringing I drop it out straight away.

“I’m going to be sweet with her but that’s done now. 100 per cent. I ain’t picking Liv. What we talk about stays between us though, yeah?”

To which Chloe replies: “100 per cent, I’m not b**chy.”

However, it’s not long until the pretty blonde ends up telling Montana Brown, Dom Lever, Kem Cetinay and Chris that Mike wouldn’t pick Olivia and the news ends up going back to her.

Olivia quickly has a word with Mike about the drama, to which he ends with: “You’d still be who I’d pick and if it works well, it works well. If not, forget it, it doesn’t matter does it.”

And it isn’t long until the blonde model pulls Chloe up on “snaking her” by telling Mike things that she didn’t say.

Love Island: News gets back to Olivia Attwood and she confronts Mike Thalassitis[ITV]

However, Chloe stands her ground and tells Olivia that she did say those things.

Olivia then goes on to explain that Mike has told her that he’s going to pick her “no matter what” but Chloe replies: “That’s not what he said to me. He said: ‘I’ll 100 per cent not pick Liv. I’ve ruled her out the question. If I met her in the outside world, I would have binned her off in two minutes.'”

Love Island: Olivia Attwood then confronts Chloe Crowhurst [ITV]

However, this prompts Olivia to confront Mike again to which he reveals in the Beach Hut: “Everything I’d said in good faith had been told [wrong]. I didn’t really know what to do, it got on top and I was a bit I was taken aback by it.”

Catch all the drama on Sunday’s epsiode at 9pm on ITV2.


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