Love Island's Biggs Chris slammed by furious MasterChef winner for trying to 'scrounge' freebie meal during pandemic

LOVE Island star Biggs Chris has been slammed by MasterChef winner Simon Wood after an agency tried to get him a free meal at his restaurant.

Furious Simon, 44, took to Twitter to share an email he received asking if he could sit Biggs, 28, for a complimentary dinner at his Manchester restaurant in return for the publicity it would generate.

He wrote: "Some people are mind numbingly ignorant. After what hospitality has been through jokers like this are still savaging freebies in the name of influence. Get in the bin….. scrounging insensitive fools…."

The hospitality industry has been one of the hardest hit by the pandemic, with 147,000 people having lost their jobs, many more furloughed and economic output greatly reduced.

Bars and restaurants around the country are desperate for income having only just opened their doors again after four months of lockdown.

However, Biggs, who has 171 followers on Twitter and a more impressive 144,000 on Instagram, recorded a video strongly denying he had any involvement with the request.

He said: "One, I don't even know the agency that sent that right. Like, legit I don't know, hands up.

"Two, I actually agree with this Simon dude, right. I get it. But he could have just replied back to the email and said no. Why post it? But he knew it would get some clout.

"And three, this is normal in England, where celebs or influencers or whatever go to a restaurant and in return get a free meal for promo.

"Let's say I did go with Rebecca [Gormley, girlfriend], right, and we posted it, and the guy got 50 other customers from that. He's chilling. You get me."

Users interacting with his and Simon's tweets sided with the chef, telling Biggs he'd "missed the point".

Simon won MasterChef back in 2015 and has since gone on to open three acclaimed restaurants in Manchester, Chester and Cheltenham.

Biggs found fame as a late arrival on the 2020 edition of Love Island. He went on to find love with co-star Rebecca Gormley, who he often shares content with on social media.


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