Love Island’s Jake and Liberty on the rocks as he says things ‘aren’t the same’

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Love Island's longest standing couple look like they could be ending after Jake expressed his concerns over things "not being the same" following the show's Movie Night.

In the teaser for Friday's episode, Jake could be seen talking to Liberty about their relationship and how it could be coming to a bitter end.

In the clip, Jake said: "Ever since the movie night onwards, I feel like it's just not been the same.

“Millie's my type, Mary's my type, I know a good looking girl, I appreciate a good-looking girl, but you’re my girlfriend.”

This comes after Liberty expressed her worries over her boyfriend's authenticity, claiming that he could be playing up for the cameras more than she hoped.

The Nandos waitress has become increasingly sceptical of her man since the cast had a Movie Night where they saw the water engineer's Casa Amor behaviour.

On Thursday's episode, Tyler Cruikshank asked Liberty's best pal Kaz Kamwi to be exclusive with him but when Liberty wanted to go celebrate with her – Jake held her back.

Liberty found this strange and unnatural and thought this could have been because he was trying to play up for the cameras and confided in the girls about it.

Liberty confronted Jake and said: "I know you say sometimes, like, remember we are on a TV show but at the same time what makes it good is just you being yourself, do you know what I mean?

"And tonight, me wanting to run up and hug Kaz as soon as she came down the stairs, it was a natural reaction for me."

Jake replied: “Yeah, my god, serious? I just thought it would be nice for you to have your own alone time with Kaz not with everyone there.”

When confiding in Chloe Burrows, Liberty then said: "I know what I bring to the table, I am the table, with the f***ing fruit on it."

Liberty went on to say: "If he's taking me for granted then he's not the one for me babe.

To which Chloe responded: "You're no one's mug, bruv."

Fans of the show have also taken to Twitter to comment on the couple's tiff.

One said: "Jake is coming off as very controlling of lib I hope she runs whilst she can #loveIsland"

Whereas another tweeted: "I hope everyone is seeing that what Jake did to Liberty was controlling, by isolating her from the group and Kaz specifically in that moment by the way. That’s emotional abuse. #LoveIsland"

While a third penned: "Is it just me but I can not stick Jake. He is controlling and personally I don't think he gives two sh*ts about Lib. The man needs to be seen for what he really is #loveIsland"

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