Manifest: NBC releases trailer for third season

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The supernatural drama series Manifest has been an unexpected hit with fans ever since it debuted on NBC. However, the network surprisingly cancelled the series after three seasons, which left audiences devastated and begging Netflix to resurrect the show after it topped the streamer’s rankings for a number of weeks. Now, a recent update has provided viewers with hope that the series could be returning again soon as the show has reportedly entered crucial negotiation talks with the streaming service and with the writers and cast.

Manifest, which follows a group of airline passengers after they suddenly reappear after being presumed dead for five years, first aired in 2018.

After the passengers return, they soon face their grieving loved ones and struggle to adjust back to regular life.

Despite its cancellation in June, the series has found a new audience on Netflix.

Fans have been hoping that Manifest’s record viewing figures at Netflix suggest the streaming network will resurrect the beloved series.

A recent report sounds promising, which revealed the series is inching closer to a deal with Netflix and Warner Bros Television for a fourth season.

Manifest has been topping the charts on Netflix ever since the series became available in the USA.

It has been reported by Deadline that the cast are currently in negotiations with Warner Bros about returning.

On top of that, the writers, and creator and producer Jeff Rake are reportedly also in negotiations.

Deadline also stated that NBC is no longer in the running to bring the show back for a fourth season, so now it is down to Netflix and Warner Bros to finalise a deal and resurrect the show.

After #SaveManifest began trending on Twitter, the cast and crew all quickly expressed their desire to return.

Rake previously stated on Twitter, much to the delight of fans: “I’m not giving up. Keep the faith. #SaveManifest.”

The creator has been keeping fans updated about any news, previously writing: “No news yet, folks. But I’m back in the place where it happens. And I’m ready.”

With Manifest’s viewing figures still surging on Netflix, viewers are hoping that the streaming service will pick up the series just as it did with Lucifer and You.

However, problems are arising due to Netflix’s need for global rights to their shows.

The publication notes Warner Bros TV had already sold the show internationally, which is creating issues for Netlfix to buy Manifest.

Along with new seasons, the streaming service wants global rights to the prior three seasons as well if it picks the show up.

However, the fact that negotiations with the cast have begun offers a glimmer of hope that Manifest could return.

Surely, if the series wasn’t going to be moving ahead, discussions with the cast wouldn’t be moving forward at all.

Rake had always planned for a six-season run and previously promised fans that he would fight for an ending that “fans deserve”.

With cast discussions and new and old writers willing to return, audiences have received more hope than ever so, hopefully, Manifest will live again.

Manifest seasons 1-3 are available on Now TV.

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