Married at First Sight Australia fans go wild as Jessika Power 'is exposed as a liar' in season finale

MARRIED at First Sight Australia fans were left ecstatic after Jessika Power was "exposed as a liar" in the season finale.

Earlier on in the series Jess lied to her latest squeeze Dan Webb about whether she had hit on anyone else on the show after ditching her husband Mick Gould.

Viewers previously watched the blonde star hitting on Nic Jovanovic before she started eyeing up Dan.

And last night the rest of the contestants got the chance to watch the shocking footage during an explosive season finale which saw many of the stars held accountable for their actions.

Jessika and Dan joined the experts on the sofa to take a look back at their controversial relationship.

Expert John Aiken turned to the rest of the contestants and quizzed them over rumours that had been circulating around Nic and Jess.

John called on co-star Cameron Merchant asking why he had his head in his hands.

Cam replied: "There is a lot of emotions, it's bring everything out that we wanted to here.

"But Mick, said one and it was really interesting one. About Nic."

Jessika's ex Mick Gould then piped up: "Jess hit up Nic early on. So Dan was the third run off the ladder."

The rest of the contestants got the chance to watch the jaw-dropping footage, leaving Jessika lost for words as she continued to defend herself saying that she didn't proposition the 'married' man.

Nic finally declared that Jessika was "100 per cent hitting on him", leaving her squirming.

A number of fans were thrilled to see Jessika get her comeuppance, with one writing: "Married at First Sight is sensational tonight. Absolutely burying Jess."

Another posted: "Jess is the female version of Sam, they are both players and used to lying their way out. I'm happy they got what they deserved."

A third added: "About time Jessika was exposed as a liar, she's got away with it for too long."

Viewers were left stunned earlier in the series when Jessika hit on co-star Nic Jovanovic at a dinner party.

The 29-year-old star made a move on the hunk despite being married to Mick Gould – while Nic was hitched Cyrell Paule at the time.

Jessika went on to have a scandalous affair with Tamara's husband Dan Webb shortly afterwards instead.

The experts allowed Jess and Dan to stay on and attempt to make their relationship work, angering the other participants in the experiment. 

Earlier in the series, Dan asked Jessika if she had hit on anyone else during the experiment, with the blonde star adamantly denying it.

The pair split after the reunion show with Dan admitting that he felt like he had been played.

The show, which originally premiered in Australia in 2019, has had UK viewers hooked ever since it hit our screens on E4 in January.

Jessika went public with her new boyfriend aspiring rapper Filip Poznanovic in January.

The star revealed that she met the hunk through her brother Rhyce Power, explaining that they had known each other for a while before their romance blossomed.

Speaking to The Wash, the reality TV star said: "He's a really passionate and goal-orientated guy, who's drive to succeed is what initially attracted me to him.

"We bonded over that actually, he wants to see me succeed and grow my platform, and is always encouraging me to put my energy into my business ideas and to complete my study."

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