Matilda the Musical fans slam Netflix over ‘rude’ UK and Ireland release date

Netflix fans have been left fuming after discovering when Matilda the Musical will drop to the streaming service in the UK and Ireland.

The onscreen adaptation of Tim Minchin's beloved stage musical was released in UK cinemas in November.

Also based on the classic novel by children's author Roald Dahl, Matilda the Musical dropped to US cinemas earlier this month – with plans to drop the film internationally to Netflix on Christmas Day (December 25).

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Unfortunately, it seems Netflix users in the UK and Ireland failed to read the fine print.

While Matilda the Musical did drop to Netflix in the US and around the world on Christmas Day, the film won't hit Netflix UK and Ireland until summer 2023.

It follows a big theatrical release for the film in the UK and Ireland last month, with Matilda the Musical still playing in cinemas through the new year.

A sing-a-long version also been made available.

Despite the opportunity to see Matilda the Musical on the big screen, UK and Ireland Netflix users who believed the film would drop to the streamer on Christmas Day have accused Netflix of employing "misleading" marketing.

They also questioned the decision to delay the film's Netflix release this side of the pond, with the musical set in the UK and featuring a mostly British ensemble cast.

One fan wrote: "Very rude that the British film Matilda has been added to US Netflix but not UK Netflix."

Another shared: "Matilda the Musical being available on the US Netflix and not the UK Netflix is a wtf moment."

Meanwhile, a third furious fan complained: "Matilda not being released on UK Netflix on Christmas Day contrary to prior marketing sounds exactly like one of the Trunchbull’s tricks."

A fourth aggrieved fan added: "Matilda being available on Netflix all over the world except the UK and Ireland is honestly one of the biggest jokes of all time."

"@NetflixUK why did you advertise Matilda The Musical being available on Christmas Day to a UK market, when it isn’t available?" another fan furiously asked.

"It's a massive disappointment."

Matilda: The Musical stars Stephen Graham, Emma Thompson, Lashana Lynch and Andrea Riseborough.

Matilda: The Musical is out in cinemas now. and will drop on Netflix UK and Ireland in summer 2023


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