Matt Smith says The Crown pay gap "was a grave mistake" that "won't be repeated"

Matt Smith has addressed The Crown pay gap once again, and described it as “a grave mistake” that “won’t be repeated”.

Earlier this year, it was reported that, despite being the show’s main character, Claire Foy was paid less for her portrayal of Queen Elizabeth II than Smith was for his turn as Prince Philip.

Production company Left Bank Pictures later accepted responsibility for the pay gap and apologised to both Foy and Smith, vowing that from now on “no-one will be paid more than the queen”.

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Matt has now told Variety that “it was disappointing” to learn about the pay disparity. He continued: “I would never ask at work how much someone earns. Never.

“My dad taught me you never talk about money. So it was news to me. It was not something that I was aware of, but when we heard, I think we were both embarrassed really because Claire did the most work.

“She worked the hardest and she should be rewarded in response to that. But the important thing is that there was a response. Claire was the queen and she deserved to be remunerated accordingly. We expect this to be the norm going forward.

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“And I’m sure that is the case with Olivia [Colman]. I can’t imagine it wouldn’t be. It was a grave mistake, but one that won’t be repeated.”

Foy has also opened up about the ordeal again, explaining that she doesn’t want her role in the Netflix show “to be overshadowed” by the controversy.

She told TheWrap: “I am incredibly proud of what I’ve been part of, and I don’t want my work in that programme to be overshadowed by my pay.

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“Something good has got to come out of all the shame and the embarrassment of talking about my worth in comparison to one of my best friends.”

The Crown season three arrives on Netflix in 2019. Seasons one and two are streaming now.

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