MTV's True Love or True Lies? crowns a pair of liars as its first winners

Well, it’s been a whirlwind two weeks but MTV’s True Love or True Lies? finally gave the reality show’s amateur detective viewers all the answers they were looking for in its final episode.

After shock reveals, sexuality twists and, er, more sexuality lies, the Danny Dyer-narrated, Maya Jama-hosted dating competition had one final shock in store for gripped fans tonight (August 16) as the show crowned its winners – only for them to be revealed as a pair of LIARS.

With £90,000 to play for and just two couples left in the running – Carrie and Mike, and Liv and Louis – it was down to all the former couples to vote for the winner, as everyone who’s been voted out of the competition returned to pick their couple of choice.

Each of the remaining couples got a grilling from the former contestants, with Louis being asked to ‘prove’ his foot fetish by sucking Liv’s toes and Mike being called out for a motorboating comment about another contestant, to prove their relationships were real.

And it left viewers more confused than ever:

The votes were close, but ultimately the other couples voted Liv and Louis as their perfect couple, meaning they get to walk away with the £90,000 prize.

But the episode didn’t end there, as next came the all-important question: are they lovers, or are they liars?

First up were runners-up Carrie and Mike, who confirmed that they were, in fact, lovers. But the big question was whether or not the couples had just given a pair of liars a massive fortune… and they had, as Liv and Louis confirmed they had been lying all along.

Liv revealed that Louis’ best friend is her ex-boyfriend, while Louis’ ex-girlfriend is Liv’s best friend, and they all hung out together all the time, which is how they ended up knowing so much about each other.

Phew. See you all back here for season two then. (Applications are open now.)

True Love or True Lies? aired on MTV.

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