Naked mum who quit modelling gasps ‘blooming hell’ when she sees nude body on TV

A former model whose body changed drastically after she became a mum has stripped off her clothes on TV to see whether surgery could improve how she feels about her looks.

Elle, 23, was in the midst of developing a promising modelling career during her teens, when she became a mum at 19.

In order to look after her child, Elle took a step back from modelling, but despite him having now turned four, the Londoner admitted that she didn’t have the body confidence to re-launch her life as a model.

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As a result, Elle recently appeared on E4 series, Send Nudes Body SOS, where applicants are shown a nude avatar of themselves and told how surgery could alter their appearance.

Explaining where she felt things had gone wrong with her self-confidence, Elle remembered: “It was after the birth, I just turned big all of a sudden.

“I used to love my body, I was so confident, my body now actually does make me feel disgusting sometimes.

“I’m young and my body is very old looking, which is not what I want at my age… I’ve gone from size 4 to size tens and 12s.”

And, after being shown a naked avatar of herself, Elle was shocked to see her figure from the outside.

“Bloomin’ hell,” she observed. “I look massive, I feel like I look huge.”

Asked to identify what it was that caused her to feel so uncomfortable, Elle replied: “It is the stretch marks.”

“My problem is my stretch marks. I’d say my stomach was plumpy, stripey, red, saggy… Just not very nice.

“I look at pictures of my body and I think, ‘that’s not how a model should look’, and it does really upset me.”

But, when photos of Elle’s naked figure were shown to members of the public, they reassured the young mum that she didn’t need to worry about how her stretch marks looked.

“I think she looks really pretty,” Channelle said. “I think she’s got a great body.”

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“They just look cool, it looks like she got hit by lightning,” said another.

In fact, Elle was warned by a surgeon that the effects of getting laser treatment to hide her stretch marks could be reversed if she had more children in the future.

So, the new mum announced at the end of the programme that she had decided to wait until her family was complete before opting for any surgery.


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