Nicki Minaj Shades Tiffany Haddish Over Fifth Harmony Joke at 2018 MTV VMAs

Nicki Minaj was not feeling some of Tiffany Haddish’s jokes, and she made sure to let her know when she snagged the award for Best Hip-Hop Song.

Tiffany Haddish and Kevin Hart had fun taking jabs at everyone from President Donald Trump to Fifth Harmony when they announced the winner for Best Hip-Hop Song at the 2018 MTV VMA Awards.

While discussing Camila Cabello’s numerous nominations, Tiffany said, "For those of you watching at home — hi, Fifth Harmony!" The crowd laughed, but Nicki Minaj did not.

When the comedians announced Nicki as the winner for her hit, "Chun-Li," she danced across the stage, graciously took the mic and threw some shade Tiffany’s way.

"Oh, my God. I wanna thank you guys so much," she began her acceptance speech. "Shoutout to my fans. I know they’re watching. They’re watching online."

"And don’t be coming for Fifth Harmony because Normani Kordei is that bitch," she added, turning her sights to Tiffany.

"Shoutout to my fans for all around the world for showing love to my ‘Queen’ album," she said, giving her "baby" — Ariana Grande — an especially sweet shoutout.

"Tune into Queen Radio so you can know who the c—sucker of the day award is going to," Nicki concluded. "Love you!"

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