Nine Coronation Street spoilers for next week including Sally’s huge decision and Adam Barlow's big discovery

SALLY Metcalfe makes the huge decision to give Yasmeen’s stolen money to Alya and encourage her to buy Geoff out of Speed Daal next week. 

Here’s the lowdown on what’s happening next week on the ITV soap…

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1. Yasmeen demands to stay in prison

Alya visits Yasmeen in hospital and tells her about Elaine’s mystery disappearance. 

Alya goes on to say that she and Sally suspect Geoff is behind it and that she's worried about Elaine.

Yasmeen looks terrified and admits that she feels safer in prison that she does anywhere near Geoff. 

2. Sally makes a huge decision 

Sally urges Alya to buy Geoff out of Speed Daal and offers her the wedding money, pointing out it’s Yasmeen’s anyway.

But when Alya decides to take Sally’s advice and announces to Geoff that she’s buying him out, he’s quick to laugh in her face. 

Alya then sneers that Sally is giving her the money that he gave them for the wedding, leaving Geoff fuming. 

3. Tim is gutted

Later, an angry Tim confronts Sally for giving away the money for their wedding without consulting him.

Sally apologises to Tim but insists they'll still have enough money for a wedding later in the year.

4. Geoff attacks Sally 

Still fuming about Sally's latest betrayal, Geoff seeks her out and confronts her over the money.

He then lashes out tells her Tim will always choose him over her as he’s his dad. 

Will Sally be able to get through to Tim?

5. Sarah reveals Gary’s secret

Sarah knows she's busted when Craig returns Sarah's bag from the scene of the accident and Adam walks in on her holding Rick’s watch.

It all kicks off as Adam pleads with Sarah to tell him everything she knows about Gary’s involvement with Rick. 

She eventually admits to Adam that if Gary did kill Rick then he only did it to protect her and her family. 

6. Sarah and Gary have a moment

Later in the week, an irate Gary questions Sarah as to what she’s told Adam.

But Sarah promises Gary that she hasn’t told him anything and that he just thinks she’s still in love with him. 

Coronation Street has teased that there’s then a charged moment between the pair. 

But will anything happen?

7. Chesney has a shocker

Chesney gets more than he bargained for when he comes downstairs naked from the waist up and carrying his shirt covered in baby sick. 

He's horrified to realise that Gemma is live streaming her vlog – and that he's now on it.

Later, a furious Chesney frets about appearing naked on Gemma’s vlog and worries about becoming a laughing stock. 

8. Gemma gets a shock 

Gemma is shocked when she sees that someone using the name VAN87 has messaged her.

Despite Chesney’s warnings, Gemma agrees to videochat the mystery person and is shocked when it turns out to be her former bully Vanessa from Baby Senses. 

Later, Gemma agrees to meet up in person with Vanessa. 

What does she want?

9. Steve stages a protest

Steve finally reaches breaking point at the thought of losing his son Oliver and kicks off in the cafe when he’s refused a sausage bun on vegetarian day.

Steve storms out and returns later holding a packet of sausages. 

The grieving dad proceeds to stage a protest against vegetarian day behind the counter. 

Leanne is shocked to enter the cafe and see Steve making such a scene, and takes him back to hers.

When Leanne lets Steve know he can talk to her about anything, Steve is grateful for the support.

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