Noah Centineo Dating Fan, To All the Boys Star Talks Relationships

Noah Centineo has just about every person on the Internet falling for him at the moment. His character in To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before captured everyone’s hearts, so much so that he’s now getting loads of thirst tweets, marriage proposals and even requests for adoption. It’s pretty much every girl’s dream to date Noah right now, but would he actually go out with a fan? Sadly, it doesn’t sound likely.

The actor sat down with the hosts of E!’s Daily Pop, where he revealed that it’s probably not going to happen. “I don’t close any doors totally, but probably not, because then it’s like more of an infatuation with a position more than the person,” he said. “It can overshadow that, which is difficult, I would think.”

Do you hear that? That’s the sound of millions of hearts breaking around the world right now. As sad as it is, he does kind of have a point, though. But don’t feel too bad, guys, because you aren’t the only ones getting rejected. Noah also admitted that the first time he met his To All the Boys co-star Lana Condor, she shut him down!

“When we first met in the audition room before any of us had booked it, we were sitting waiting in the lobby and I saw her and I was like, ‘Hey do you want to run lines?’ And she was like, ‘No.’ I was like, ‘Oh, that’s cool, fine, I’ll just die here,’” he said.

Ouch! Well, despite the initial iciness from Lana, things seemed to work out just fine for the two. They’ve got the #1 movie on Netflix now, and Lana said her chemistry with Noah is stronger than anything she’s ever felt before! *swoons*

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