Ore Oduba suffered PTSD after Celebrity SAS and broke down in tears when toddler son asked 'daddy, are you OK?'

TV presenter Ore Oduba broke down in tears after as his toddler son asked "daddy, are you OK?" after coming home from Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins.

Battered and bruised Ore was confronted by his two-year-old boy Roman as they were reunited after his "haunting" experience.

The 35-year-old now believes he suffered PTSD as he struggled to adjust to normal life in the aftermath.

Ahead of the series launch, Ore said: "I was battered. My hands were in bandages, cuts to the face and various things.

"My son was the first person I saw after coming home and when he saw the bandages he asked: 'Are you OK, daddy?'

"I spontaneously broke down in tears. The reality of what I'd been through physically hit when my two-year-old son asked if I was OK.

"You have to suspend a lot of the things you'd feel in normal life to exist in that world.

"It's only when you relax after coming home that it hits you.

"This has gone undiagnosed, but it's a feeling I've never felt before. Having gone through that week, it would be accurate to say I had an element of PTSD following the show.

"This isn't to say it wasn't dealt with during the aftercare and by the psychologists we had. I've dealt with it and moving through it.

Ore says he "felt heavy" after filming finished and fears he'll be "triggered" when the show airs tonight.

"I've never been through an experience like that that's haunted me for days following it," said Ore.

"I remember doing a workout at home and I felt heavy from the experience I'd had. It felt like the first military experience since.

"There was a huge level of appreciation forI don't think enough people appreciate those who do this for a job, every day, for decades of their life and then go back to civilian life and deal with it.

"I had it for a few days and I felt it for a good while afterwards.

"It is going to be very different watching the show back because it will trigger a lot of things we went through, found within ourselves and survived and beat, or were affected by.

Ore says he's relied on support from his co-stars after they made a bond for life filming the show.

"We have a Whatsapp group and it's amazing to have that experience to share with other people," he said.

"No one else knows what we've been through apart from others who have done the series before.

"It's a very special relationship we all have."

  • Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins airs on Channel 4, Sunday at 9pm.

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