Outlander blunder: Geillis Duncan made glaring mistake with Young Ian sacrifice

Outlander: Caitríona Balfe discusses season five episode

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Starz’s historical drama follows the adventures of a time-travelling World War II nurse Claire Fraser (played by Caitriona Balfe) as she transports between two decades. She leaves her old life in the 20th century behind, falls in love and settles down in the 18th century. This is where Outlander fans spotted the major error.

In the season three episode titled The Bakra, Claire and her husband Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) had finally arrived in Kingston, Jamaica after enduring the journey on their ship, Artemis.

They were on a quest to find Young Ian Murray (John Bell) who had been held hostage by Portuguese pirates.

The pirates had also threatened Ian and said they would take him to someone called “The Bakra”.

As a prisoner of the Portuguese, the young man met Henry, who warned him people didn’t return to their cells after visiting the Bakra.

Young Ian was then removed from his cell and taken to a mansion where he met Geillis Duncan (Lotte Verbeek).

She was bathing in blood to keep her youthful appearance and after providing him with food, she questioned him about the treasure box on Silkies’ Island that was missing a sapphire.

To which Ian revealed he never got a chance to open the box before being arrested and suggested his uncle Jamie Fraser could’ve taken it.

Meanwhile, Jamie and Claire were keen to find Ian before he was to get arrested by Captain Leonard (Charlie Hiett).

Later on in the episode, Claire, Geillis, Jamie and Lord John were at a reception where Geillis noticed that Lord John was wearing the missing sapphire.

When questioned about the jewel, he revealed that it was a gift from a friend and Jamie chimed in to confirm that it was from a prisoner.

This spurred Geillis to introduce her seer, Margaret Campbell (Alison Pargeter) so she could do some readings.

During the reading, the seer said: “When the issue is cut down, will a Scotsman wear the crown.” Geillis then explained that Margaret meant it’s about a 200-year-old baby being cut down as a Scotsman becomes king.

However some savvy fans found a major error with this and exposed it on screenrant.com.

They posted: “Specifically, in the seer’s prophecy, she says that it will be 1200 moons until the new Scottish king would rise.

“Geillis then explains that this is 200 years, and afterwards says again that they must find a 200-year-old infant,“ they added.

The fan explained: “1200 moons is actually a little more than 92 years, so if this error was acknowledged, the child would never be found, as they’d be looking in the wrong time altogether.”

With five seasons in tow and the challenges for filming between decades, this blunder isn’t a jaw-dropping one and fans can still continue watching the series without being greatly distracted by it.

Thankfully for viewers season six of the show has been confirmed and will be expected to hit the screens in early 2022.

As production already wrapped up, showrunners have announced that the upcoming season will be eight episodes, with the premiere being 90-minutes long.

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All episodes of Outlander are available to stream on Starz

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